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Joss on Buffy

I still enjoy watching both but I find myself enjoying Buffy less and less.

All Buffy does anymore is give whiny speaches. I don't know if I'd want a Willow spin off with how she's turned out. I liked smart magic Willow better than dumb addict Willow.
I am still watching both, but enjoying Angel less and less. Some of the Buffy episodes this season and last have been pretty lame too. I'd like to see them go out with a bang.

And now that Faith's out of the running, I'd like to see a Willow spin off too.
I just read some more info on the future of Buffy and it looks like perhaps Anthony Stewart Head and James Marsters might make it to Angel. Other cast members have said that they have other commitments that would prevent them from doing spinoffs. Joss says this doesn't rule out any future series however as he believes fans will wait.

What I'm waitin for is more Firefly though. :(
Well, good news on Firefly. It's going to be released on DVD, apparently with the three unaired but completed episodes. And it'll be in widescreen, the way it's supposed to be. Rumours are that the whole main cast will be doing commentary too.

I miss Firefly.

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