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JMS's Comics


JMS\'s Comics

I'm not sure where this thread belongs. It doesn't really go in B5-related, but as it's JMS stuff it seems elevated a bit over the run-of-the-mill other sci-fi stuff. So I place it here. Besides, this forum never gets enough traffic anyway. It's neglected. So here we go.

I got in to my school two days ago, and as there's not a whole lot to do right at the beginning of the semester, I had time on my hands. A friend of mine -- also a B5 fan -- had brought two of JMS's comics. So he loaned them to me to read.

The first was Rising Stars. I was really impressed with the story, incomplete as it is. Fascinating how the characters played out. Superb foreshadowing. And I really like several of the characters, esepecially John Simon (you can tell he's the hero because his initials are JS). I tore through the whole thing in less than a day.

The second comic was Midnight Nation.

It was mindblowing.

I can truly say that's one of the more powerful stories I've ever read, if not the most. When I put the thing down, I came to the conclusion that there was nothing else I wanted to read; anything else would be a letdown, second-best. That doesn't happen to me often; to the best of my recollection, it mainly occurred with Dan Simmon's Hyperion books and A Canticle for Leibowitz.

So, later that day, I picked up Midnight Nation again and started to read. I have never re-read anything so immediately after the first reading in my entire life -- and bear in mind that in some respects I've spent my entire life reading.

So amazing. So incredible. So thought-provoking. So painful. So uplifting. Clearly the product of a great but tortured mind; clearly the product of long and loving labor.

I bow to JMS and do him honor, for truly this is his masterpiece.
Re: JMS\'s Comics

Agreed on Midnight Nation with the caveat that JMS just keeps on creating masterpieces. I'm looking forward to the final issues of Rising Stars, too. I'd lost track but just recently picked up a full set of them and I'll catch up before the next issue comes out.

The latest issue of Supreme Power is...chilling to say the least.

Have you been following the Spider-Man comics? I'd only apply the 'Masterpiece' lable to the Black Issue but there are some good stories there.

I *really* wish I had a comic shop nearby! I'm having to get all of them by mail order. Grrrr....

Re: JMS\'s Comics

I agree completely about Midnight Nation, I couldn't put it down; just amazing. When I was done, I just sat there thinking about what I had just read. One of the most amazing, if not the most, stories I ever read.
Re: JMS\'s Comics

I have the whole Rising Stars Collection except of course for the last three. I've read till #8 so far and it's amazing. You have a sense of watching a movie in that specific issue.

Also read Midnight Nation and found it supperb.
What a great story.

These days, I think only JMS can deliver such great job for his fans.

I'm not much in the comics, (I was once, a long, long time ago) but I read pretty much everything he writes, except ASM, cause I like mini-series better.

I'm in the #6 of Supreme Power and it still didn't quite catch me the way RS and MN did.Yet.But I'll keep trying.

My only concern is that for us, fans mainly of his work on B5, he's too focused on comics these days.
Correct me if I'm wrong but this is what we got:

Current Comics:

Supreme Power
The Amazing Spiderman

Coming Soon:

The Dream Police
The Book of Souls
The Silver Surfer

If we add to this 1 or 2 TV series plus a feature film and travels and Cons, I mean, his regular day of work must have like 72 hours!!! :)

Re: JMS\'s Comics

Remember, though that scipts for comics are shorter than for TV shows. Though I understand that he does a lot of description of each panel, too. I don't expect he'll be doing a whole lot of cons until much nearer the release of TMoS.


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