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JMS & Whedon?


Not sure if this got posted elsewhere, but on Apr.16.2002, JMS had this to say about working with Joss:

<font color=orange>I'll go for a post-Jeremiah JMS and a post-Buffy/Angel/Ripper JW teaming together.

You want my firstborn now, Joe, or wait for Joss to get dibs? /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif

Actually, I think that Joss is perhaps one of the best writers working right now; I'd put his work up alongside Sorkin any day of the week (who may be the best of us at the moment). If the prospect ever came along, and if our schedules ever coincided (probably the more difficult aspect of the whole thing, given his and my workload), I'd love to work with Joss on something.

jms</font color=orange>

Wouldn't that be a cool thing if it ever happened? /ubbthreads/images/icons/cool.gif Also, high words of praise from JMS about Joss (not that it is the first time he has said good things about him).
That would be a delightful congruence of twisted minds. /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

I confess, I'm curious to see Firefly, but I'm not overly impressed by the premise as read.

However, Joss, like JMS will always be enough to make me look at a project initially. They both like those upended tables that I love.

Joss is simply the man. My only fear is that he might turn into another David E. Kelley -- spreading himself so thin that all of his shows suffer as a result. AICN reported yesterday that Ally McBeal got the ax... something that probably should have happened several years ago. What they aired this year was simply pitiful.

But I'd absolutely love to see a joint work between JMS and Joss. Why? The main reason is because both of their strengths would compliment one another. JMS is great with story arcs, but (in my opinion) isn't as great with stand alone stuff. Conversely, Joss is excellent with stand alone stuff, but (in my opinion) isn't as great with story arcs. Together, those guys could do something extraordinary.

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