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Jms update...


From the moderated group:

[The URL to delicate creatures has been slighty edited for clarity]


This'll be fairly quick because it's nearly 1 a.m. and I'm constantly under the
gun these days...just wanted to give folks (who've been very patient with both
my absence and the momentary glitch in getting stuff through the pipeline whose
ends come out my wrists and onto the keyboard) some brief updates on coming
stuff. (I always feel awkward doing this, like it's some kind of commercial or
something -- "It's NewJMS! New, improved, less fattening!" -- feh. But people
ask, so I answer....)

Tomorrow at 1:58 p.m. we nailed the first shot on the two-hour opener for
"Jeremiah," shooting a couple of quick preliminary second unit shots before the
real start of filming tomorrow, when we begin banging down pages in earnest.
As I write this, we have six more scripts already in hand, well in advance of
getting to the episodes. Titles include "To Sail Beyond the Stars," "Tribes,"
and "Man of Iron, Woman Under Glass," all jms scripts, with "The Bag," "The
Touch," and "City of Roses" by Sam Egan, previously show-runner on The Outer

The show has a pretty solid pedigree...me from B5 and Twilight Zone, Sam from
Outer Limits and Northern Exposure, director Russell Mulcahy from the first two
Highlander movies and the On the Beach miniseries, designer Steve Gaeghan from
Stargate and B5: Rangers and Outer Limits, stars Luke Perry and Malcom Jamal
Warner from 90210 and Cosby respectively...it's a real good lineup and both MGM
and Showtime are enthusiastic about everything they've seen. It's a nice
merging of a lot of TV SF and mainstream worlds.

On other fronts....

My new hardcover graphic novel, "Delicate Creatures," story by jms and art by
Michael Zulli, will be appearing at the end of this month from Image/Top
Cow/Joe's Comics. It can be pre-ordered from Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1582402256/

The script for the Rising Stars feature is nearly in final shape, and will be
going out to directors within the next few weeks. We already have one very
well known director (as in oscar winning) interested in directing it, so we'll
see. But this is being fast tracked for Summer 2002.

After letting the comics work for Top Cow kinda go fallow while I did
everything else on my plate, I just turned in the script for issue 9 of
Midnight Nation, "Explanations, Valid and Otherwise," so we're getting that
train back onto the rails again. Should have the next Rising Stars comic
script in next week.

(feh...there has to be a better way to do this....)

This weekend the final version of "Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers" goes to
scifi channel. We'll see what we shall see...but from a production standpoint
I think it may be either the best or one of the best MOWs we've ever done.

My next issue of "The Amazing Spider-Man" (#35) should hit stores in about two
weeks, and I strongly commend it to people for a twist in the story and the
character, and the finale of the big conflict that's been going on now for 3
issues. We pull a big thread in Peter Parker's life, and I have a hunch that
this one is gonna disappear as fast as #30 did.

I should be able to announce one other project, the last I could take on at
this point, in about a month or so. The contracts only now got signed. And
I'm now about halfway through the new novel I'm writing, which should be going
out to auction in January (assuming work allows me to finish it by then). Also
this fall we should see the debut of my new anthology comic from Top Cow, each
issue presenting a different story. We haven't nailed down a title yet; I
suggested Eccentric Tales, they like Joe's Comics Presents or Tales of Joe.

Finally: I have air dates for both Rangers (January 2) and the debut of
Jeremiah (January 11).

Heading back to the shadows now to grab a few hours sleep before the cameras
begin rolling again tomorrow (this) morning at 7.



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What can I say? JMS strikes again.

Speaking as a JMS fan who is just not into comics, I haven't seen his previous work in this genre but everything I have heard is good.

I am looking forward to Jeremiah, provided it is available on one of our local stations. The only closely-related program I can think of is Dark Angel (nuclear apocalypse some years before the story starts) but apart from that there is no connection.

It is very different from most of the current scifi and should be a great success.

well at least we have a "official" date for both rangers and jerimiah!!!

I have no one to envy...
I envy you having me to envy...
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>I am looking forward to Jeremiah, provided it is available on one of our local stations.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Sorry, but Jeremiah probably won't be sold into broadcast or basic cable syndication for at least two years. It is a Showtime exclusive, and that seems to be the standard time-lag for their shows, if The Outer Limits and Stargate: SG-1 are anything to go by.



Joseph DeMartino
Sigh Corps
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I thought there was only a one year lag on the Outer Limits?

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