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JMS to write for SupermanWonder Woman


Full article here.

I really appreciated that article on a fundamental level. He even used two words that have been painfully on my mind of late - "Ivory Towers".

I've been starting to follow the JMS comic trail of late. I loved what he did with spider-Man in "The Other", and it seems when Quesada messed Spidey up.... he moved on to Thor and started exploring similar themes and ideas through Thor's Mythos.

I just like the places that JMS took those characters and didn't like the fact that Quesada poo'ed on his head with Spidey.

But what I love most about that article?

JMS's thought s on who Superman is and what he represents.... and the power that relates to us all on a personal level... mirror my own.

I too, come from the world of "No". True I've not had the hardships that JMS speaks of... I just come from a land and a background that has offered me so little in the way of opportunity, that I share the same aspirations JMS describes.
This is going to be interesting. I have always liked Superman and Wonder Woman, and though it's been 12 years, there hasn't been a show to match B5 yet.
One of these years, I hope to see a "JMS to Write for B5 (No Kidding!)." The THUD you hear will probably be me.
"JMS to adapt Crusade to comics" or "Telepath War Descending upon us all!" Or "J. Gregory Keyes to write Psi Corps comics."

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