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Beyond the rim
Having just seen a JMS quote in the B5 forum, I noticed that in the signoff, JMS has specifically refused SFX magazine permission to use his quotes in any way.

What's the story behind this? /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif
I think the first post where he adds the "permission
to reprint specifically denied to
SFX Magazine" is made at 01:32 pm on 12/18/1999.
From jmsnews.com
>Then on the back page in the smallest of small type they suggest "a
>course in British Sign language for JMS".

Perhaps while they're recommending classes they could try taking Journalism 101
to learn how real journalists work.


B5 Official Fan Club at:
(all message content (c) 2000 by
synthetic worlds, ltd., permission
to reprint specifically denied to
SFX Magazine)

Hope this answers you question.
Actually no. What does that mean? What were they referring to? /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif
I wonder why no one was ever sued. If these organizers were using material improperly, and funds, then why were they never sued?

Bad publicity is to be avoided, I suppose.

It's just too bad.
Sued or prosecuted?

Sued - the money granted in a UK court will be less than the legal fees.

Prosecuted - since there is no mention of police action/inaction, it is quite likely that no one called them.

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