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JMS on the Rangers Pilot


A good question from KoshN, posted on Dec.24.2002:

<font color="orange">Over at rast, somebody (not one of the trolls, as far as I can tell), said:

"JMS says that he did the Rangers pilot just for fun, he didn't expect or want anything to come of it, he was just having fun. He said that at San Diego ComiCon last summer. I was in the audience."

I suspect this is utter BS, but I figured I'd ask. The above quoted words are complete fabrications, right?
</font color>

JMS replied on Dec.27.2002:

<font color="orange">It's correct and not correct. I have this rule that the only things I do, are things I think will be fun. I did the Rangers pilot because I thought it would be fun. Note, however, the word "pilot." That's how it was always discussed, as a pilot for a series.

In that situation, you always hope it'll go forward, but you can't ever count on that, because if you get your hopes up, you'll go insane. So you do it for the fun of it, and you don't think about what comes after. That was the substance of my comments at SDCC.</font color>

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