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JMS on new B5 books


Came across this post in the moderated newsgroup:

<font color="orange">>Any chance of more B5-related novels coming out? A series
>finishing off the Crusade story would be really nice.

Nope, nothing's on the boards, and I think Del Rey's license has either expired or is about to expire, so any other company could certainly come in and make a case for picking up the license.


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I suppose this would translate into "no new books in the foreseeable future but the possibility isn't ruled out completely". /forums/images/icons/confused.gif
This just the license for any new books? I thought Del Rey was coming out with the old Dell books and only starting to reprint and republish them - which I presume would need a license for ...
I would assume he means for new books, yeah. Obviously Del Rey got the licence for republishing the old Dell books, but that may be all their current licence covers. /forums/images/icons/confused.gif

It does sound though as if he wouldn't object to having new books, provided that some company (Del Rey or some other publisher) picks up the licence and shows interest. But I may be wrong, of course.
Yeah, Del Rey made the deal for the Dell books last year, and they're included under the current license, regardless of when they're published. But any new projects at all, including the short story anthology or Crusade books would require a new deal. Steve Saffel at Del Rey mentioned this recently when discussing the stalled short story book idea.



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