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JMS' Novels

JMS\' Novels

Just wanted to give a quick plug for these, for those who might not have discovered them.

I have just finished reading "Othersyde", which I picked up second hand on Amazon UK, and it is a damn good read. As with his other novels it is Supernatural Horror rather than SF in nature, but his writing is atmospheric and almost entirely free of gore. Nice mention of B5 in there too, especially considering it was published several years before the show ever aired! Well worth checking out, even if (like me) you aren't a Horror fan.

Next on the list is "Demon Night", which has just been re-released in paperback (as "Othersyde" is to be shortly I believe).

I also read "Tribulations" a couple of years ago, and can heartily recommend that one too.


Re: JMS\' Novels

I read Othersyde a couple of years ago. Not bad. Fairly Koontz-like and entertaining, but nothing spectacular.

I then started reading Demon Night but got sidetracked and didn't bother to finish it. It had more of a John Saul flavor to it.

Let me know how it turns out.
Re: JMS\' Novels

I got the books from my local library.
There is a trick that most people are unaware of called an "Inter-library Loan", by which your library can request a book from anywhere in the country, including college libraries, etc. I've actually gotten college textbooks this way and held them way past the due date, since paying a late fee is much preferable to purchasing a textbook. You can request an inter-library loan at the reference desk and your request can usually be filled within a week or two.

Demon Night is actually available in my library system (Seminole County, Florida) as I write.
Demon night
by Straczynski, J. Michael, 1954-
New York : Dutton, c1988.
Call No.: Fic Straczynski
ISBN: 0525246460
Description: 340 p.
Edition: 1st ed.
No. of Copies: 2
No. of Holds: 0

Go get 'em!

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