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JMS Life and Art


I had a hard time deciding whether or not to post this in the Jeremiah forum or here and in the end, decided that this forum would get more viewings.

"So, just out of curiousity, how does it feel to see your pronouncements of fictional doom and gloom coming true in such a dramatic, world-impacting fashion?"

It's a weird bit of synchronicity that has always been the case with my work when I'm kind of riding the right waves, for lack of a better term. Riding the synchronicity wave might be a better one. They went through B5, echoing now, and they continue with Jeremiah.

In our story, we're moving toward a truly massive conflagration, a major war, and in the course of filming one particular episode, as the shit hits the fan, one character says, "Let's go kill some of the enemy and make some noise."

As it happened, by yet another weird coincidence of timing, at the moment we shot that scene, the bombs started falling in Baghdad.

Some of the cast are becoming increasingly creeped out by this....
Its too bad JMS is too smart to want to run for president. He'd have my vote.

I realized last night that according to IMDB, JMS is only 48 years old. I always thought he was older than that. I guess it goes back to his statement about Bab-5 making him completely bald and gray.

Some of the cast are becoming increasingly creeped out by this....

I wonder if any of them were warned by anyone from the B5 cast about what happens when JMS writes that your character gets injured? :eek: :devil:

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