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JMS Interview

Inflexible? Yes. Uncompromising? Yes.

But utterly amazing. A man of dreams, built on hopes and the will to make those hopes reality. I stand in awe of him.

Plus I really, really wish that I could make myself write 10 new pages daily.
When he finally passed away, I went to his grave, took one of my pieces, wrapped it around a stick, and staked it in the ground, deep in the soil, like someone staking a vampire.

Not that I hold a grudge or anything.

No, Joe, of course not...

<backs away slowly with hands held high>
Oh Yeah.

I'm pretty sure that if I hadn't seen B5 and discovered Joe, I wouldn't have finished my book.

Still waiting on publishers, but Joe's got it right when he says never surrender your dreams.
Damn, that bit about the writing class in college totally gave me a flashback. I'd swear I had the same teacher when I took Creative Writing. The guy was a total prick. I never went off on him in class, but I gave him a piece of my mind after graduation. Some people are only happy to see others fail.

And I had no idea JMS had lived in San Diego! I have this week's SD Reader on my coffee table right now. I'm going to have to look up and see if there's anything he wrote in the archives.
I just finished wading through that article myself. Long but really good and lots of great things to quote him on (see sig). ;)

What you see here, in these words, and my answers, is the way my brain works, this is what I'm like inside my head. There's no artifice between my thought and the keys. It just comes out. This is as much "me" as you're ever likely to get, including the possibility of meeting me in person.

I think this has to be one of the most in-depth interviews with him and he does reveal quite a bit about his childhood/family which I haven't really seen him do before.
I agree Lyta. Before when people asked him if he was thinking of his own father when writing about Sheridan's perfect dad, he said 'no' and that he didn't want to comment further on the matter.
I hope one day that he can talk more about his childhoood.

You must understand that my early years, and my family life for all of my youth and adolescence, could be the basis of any number of psychological horror films. But it's also not something I'm prepared to discuss at this time.
One of the reasons I respect him is that he does have a boundary you don't cross. For as public a figure as he has become, and as open as he has been, he has the self respect to keep some things for himself. :)

Another reason is his candor. I might find him terribly wrong-headed when it comes to world politics, but he'll tell it to you straight as he sees it.
El Scorcho, you live in San Diego? So do I! Anyway, JMS always gives the best interviews. He did seem to be a little more open about the fact that his childhood was painful this time. I went through a bad childhood, also. The damaged people always recognize each other--I can tell from his writing & personality that he has "issues" from childhood.

Wow,I never knew he was this great!
Great makers,he actually stand up to teachers,gee...I wish I had someone like that in my class,that way my english teacher won't even bother me! :D
Reall great interview!

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