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JMS: "I love humor, I love writing funny"


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JMS: \"I love humor, I love writing funny\"

JMS: "I love humor, I love writing funny"
B5 creator talks comicbook writing, and creating humo

JMS has spoken about his comic book writing, in particular Spider-Man, and how he tries to bring humor to his projects.

"I love humor. I love writing funny," he told SBC. " It's something for which I'm not terribly well known, despite working on some very funny projects—including [the cartoon series] The Real Ghostbusters, which is still something of a fan favorite—but which I enjoy tremendously. Getting an audience to cry is the easiest thing in the world... make 'em laugh, now that's hard. So I enjoy the challenge of it. I can't imagine writing Spidey without that, because his humor is so intrinsic to his character, and to his methodology in combat."

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