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JMS explains who's playing who in B5LR


JMS explains who\'s playing who in B5LR

<font size="+1">JMS explains who's playing who in B5LR</font>
<font size="3">Plus new cast and character information</font>

B5LR.com was the first to report on the names of the characters in the upcoming telemovie, but it was not possible to say which actor was playing what character. Thanks to a post in the moderated newsgroup, JMS put the faces to the names:

<font color="#99cc99">Just off the top of my head and in no real order... Dylan Neal is playing David Martel, our lead character, a Ranger who's come through some especially rough times; Alex Zahara is Dulann, a Minbari, his second; Myriam Sirois is Sarah Cantrell of Mars Dome One, weapons specialist; Enid Raye Adams is Firell, Minbari, a healer; Warren Takeuchi as Kitaro Sasaki of Earth, communication and translations; Dean Marshall as Malcolm Bridges, covert intelligence and infiltration; David Storch as Tafeek, Minbari, a political and first contact guy; and a Narn, Na'Feel (played by Jennie Hogan) and a Drazi, Tirk (played by Gus Lynch), both recent recruits/ members of the Rangers.</font>

We can also now give you information on a new character and a new actor for the telemovie.

The new character is called 'Minister Kafta', and will be played by the previously announced Mackenzie Gray.

The new actor is Todd Sandomirsky, playing Tannier, a character previously reported on at B5LR.com.

The cast and crew page has been updated accordingly, and now also contains updated profile information for a number of actors, as well pictures for Jennie Rebecca Hogan and David Storch.
Re: JMS explains who\'s playing who in B5LR

It'll be nice to see a Drazi Ranger. For all their appearances in B5, the Drazi really haven't been fleshed out all that well.

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Re: JMS explains who\'s playing who in B5LR

I thought the pres. of this site was Antony F. ?

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Re: JMS explains who\'s playing who in B5LR

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by hypatia:
I thought the pres. of this site was Antony F. ?


AntonyF is president.

Re: JMS explains who\'s playing who in B5LR

That I am.
B5LR is the handle that the news system uses when it posts the relevant news article from the front page.

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