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Jerry Doyle?

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Who was, or is, Jerry Doyle married to? I have always thought he was married to the women who played Ross's Lesbian Ex-wife on "Friends", but I've read that his Ex is Andrea Thompsom(Talia), who left B5 to be on NYPD and is now on CNN. Which one is it or both?

Yes, he was once married to Andrea 'Talia' Thompson. Maybe someone else can fill you in on more details.

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Yep, Jerry Doyle's ex-wife was Andrea Thompson. And she actually was the one who played Ross's ex-wife's lesbian partner on Friends, so both things you said were right.

Are you saying that Andrea Thompson was on Friends? I don't think so. And she certainly did not play Ross's ex-wife, nor the ex-wife's lesbian partner (she was a brunette).

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I have no idea if Andrea was on friends or not, but a missing IMDb entry doesn't prove it. I have found a missing TV credit here and there for many actors on the IMDb. They aren't perfect.

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GKarsEye is right. Look Andrea Thompson up on IMDB. It does not list "Friends."

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I believe the person to whom you're referring is Jane Sibbett, who played Ross' ex-wife Carol Willick, on "Friends." Check out this website for more info...http://ragnhild.freeservers.com/wifes.html.

She does look a lot like Andrea Thompson, so you're excused.


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