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Jerry Doyle sings

What is your favorite dvd set for Babylon 5?

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Look, it's Bruce Willis in a musical! ;)

For your Oscar® consideration

Our very own Jerry Doyle in a "Once more, with feeling"-moment. You think this will win best song? Sadly, there's no "Best Musical" category, since the only real contenders for it would be Open House and Team America: World Police [a couple I hadn't heard about -edit].

SPOILER WARNING: Gives away the ending to Open House : Sellin' a dream (14.8 MB MPEG)

EDIT: MP3 song without video: Sellin' a dream (4.7 MB MP3)
I first had the subject line as "Look, it's Bruce Willis in a musical!"
Maybe that's why so few saw it? Oscar® nominations are announced on the 26th of January, so we'll see.

This year we once again saw the Academy disregarding and changing rules at will. There were enough original musicals to re-activate the award category, but they were embarrased about the quality and content of the films. There was a Disney flop, some indie films, and Team America -- a film that makes fun of Hollywood actors, and made by guys who show up in women's clothes for the ceremonies.

"Don't think of the law as something that has to be followed to the letter. Think of it more as ... a guideline."
This movie sounds even cheaper than "Devious Beings" (which I liked a bit). God I hate seeing my favorite actors hit bottom.

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