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Jerry Doyle Show


Several months back the Jerry Doyle show showed up unexpectedly for me on dial here in El Paso, Texas. He is on for two hours a day and I really enjoy listening to what he has to say. Maybe, it is just me but I see A lot of Garibaldi in Jerry Doyle and it makes me realize, he was cast perfectly for our favorite chief of security. Anyone else listen to his radio show ?
I listen to his show sometimes. I pay $2.99 per month for the podcast downloads, so I'm always at least one day behind.

I agree that it's good to listen to him sometimes and that there's a lot of Garibaldi in him. He even mentions Babylon 5 more frequently than I thought he might.

I often like to listen to his podcast the day after a big news event or a Republican presidential debate to hear his angle on things. I like how he cuts through the crap of politics. While he does lean Republican because he's a conservative, he has a lot of criticism for both sides because he's technically an independent.

But, I really have to be in the mood to listen to him because his long rants often get on my nerves, even when I agree with him (not that I always do). Sometimes he'll just go on and on about something forever, often repeating the same things he's said before, and I either space out or fast-forward. If I fast-forward it's usually to an interview because Jerry asks really good questions. His dialogue is much better than his monologue.
I've never cared for him because he embodies everything I consider rude, crude and socially unacceptable. But I used to listen from time to time and always thought he was pretty intelligent until the time that his segment of the Lost Tales was dropped. When he went on the air and ranted that he was going to sue Warner's for breach of contract even though he admitted that he didn't have a contract, that's when I lost all respect for him and have never listened to him since.


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