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Jerry Doyle show 10/24 about B5 TLT

Last night caught a little of his show and he talked about doing a 'movie' for WB filming in Vancouver.
Said he WAS all set to do it, conditions made to do his radio show up there But WB came back and started to make changes to the agreement so he is thinking of suing WB for breach of contract. About all I know cause I fell asleep and don't know any more. will let anyone else pick it up from here.
I would find it difficult to believe that if there were a signed contract, anything could/would be changed. Also, are we certain that he was talking about B5:TLT?

Sigh...Jerry's been known to shoot off his mouth before so I'm afraid I take just about anything he says with a hefty grain of salt.

Said he had the money to sue but was asking callers to help him decide. Also said he does not need any money from acting, radio is his thing now, but sounded sad that he may not do it. that was my impression.
He did not say if it was a signed contract. That I would remember.
He did say WB has made 500M off the DVDS. Yes I got the impression it was B5 TLT.
Well, I don't see how he could sue for breach of contract if he didn't HAVE a contract.

Is his radio show daily? Because I don't think they'd be talking more than a week, ten days at the outside, worth of filming for a 30 minute segment.

Well I wasn't dreaming just wanted to start this up. Usually everyone here has more info then me. mostly come here for info on B5.
yes his show daily but maybe re brodcast at different times around the country. Also last week he was asked to appear on fox and friends sunday morning, don't know if he did that too.
Not a big fan of his radio show, just a casual listener.
Like I said someone will have to take it from here.
Well, I've downloaded it but I can't listen to it until I get home from work tonight. I'll report back.

Okay, I've listened to it now-at least the part where he talks about it, not all the phone calls. It's about six minutes out of almost two hours.

From what I can tell, Jerry says he was approached by WB to do a movie - and at no time did he mention B5 except in past tense - in Vancouver. He claims that WB made an offer and then he made a counteroffer which was turned down. Then he says that he in turn accepted the original offer. He *doesn't* say that there was an agreement or that his agent shook hands with WB on the deal and he *does* say that there was no signed contract because that's not the way it's done. He also doesn't mention any time frame for any of this except to say that it was on the 23rd that he found out from WB that the offer was withdrawn for budgetary reasons and that he doesn't believe that's the cause. The reasons he cites seem to boil down to being political.

Then he wanted people to call in and give their opinion on whether he should sue WB or not, going on about how you can't give in to the big guys just because they're big, etc. He seems convinced that he had a contract, though, even before he came back with the counteroffer and that goes against everything I've ever learned about contracts (which admitedly isn't much).

So what's the real story? I don't know. There's simply not enough information to make any kind of informed judgment about it. We can't be sure that it's the Lost Tales and even if we could be, we've only got one side of the story. And as we've seen with Jerry before, somebody else might see things *very* differently from the way he does when it comes to how close to a deal they were.

My opinion? There may have been negotiations that fell through. The rest I tend to take with a large grain of salt and intend to treat as an unconfirmed rumor.

Thanks again Jan.

I suppose there also might be some left over resentment of the public disagreement Jerry and JMS had a couple of years ago. About some new B5 television project that Jerry said he was setting up, and, what was it again... JMS's "controlling bullshit" interfering. I think it was something like that. :p

Anyway, I would still love to see Doyle reprise his role, so if this is about TLT, then I hope that things can be sorted out eventually. Though I really doubt it is something political that got in the way, honestly. I listened to his show once on a free webcast from one of the stations that carries him, out of curiosity, and he seems to have a remarkable ability to see political motivations in things that seem to have much more obvious ones. When a studio says "it's really all about the money"... then that's probably one of the few statements you can pretty much trust them on. ;)
I think the question has now been answered. See JMS's latest post which has been posted in the TLT hints forum. Jerry's segment has been pushed back to the second DVD, assuming that sales are as expected. Now let's hope he doesn't burn any bridges if he really wants to be part of this.

JMS actually seems to be pretty forgiving. With the actors, at least. :LOL:

And to everyone who wondered if there would be a way to give a nod of appreciation to Franklin and G'kar, I'm glad to hear he found a way to do it.

I know that's sentimental of me, but I do like the idea.
I think the question has now been answered. See JMS's latest post which has been posted in the TLT hints forum. Jerry's segment has been pushed back to the second DVD

Right. And contrary to Jerry's slightly paranoid suspicions, the reason really was budgetary. Of the three segements being contemplated the one with the most extensive CGI would be the Garibaldi segment set on Mars. This would also be the segment with the fewest readily resusable vitural sets, exteriors, etc. Any segment set on B5 itself banks stock shots, sets etc. for future use. Mars is less frequently visited, so it makes more sense to devote the budget for the first DVD to two blow-out stories that will put a lot of pieces in play for future use than to squeeze a pricey Mars segment in and end up storing data files that may not be used again until disc 4 or 5.


Yeah, I've heard people say in the past that Jerry could stand to be introduced to Occam's Razor and that he sees politics in pretty much everything.

Yeah, I've heard people say in the past that Jerry could stand to be introduced to Occam's Razor and that he sees politics in pretty much everything.


He also needs a quiet place to sit and reflect before shooting off his yap. A radio show does not help in this matter. :mad:
Didn't he also make a big stink about being betrayed when JMS wouldn't make a S6 of babylon 5, and instead said he was willing to do a spinoff (Crusade)?
Sometimes I think Jerry didn't "get" Babylon 5. He loved the gig, he loved acting in general, and he certainly loved the part (or he would not have done it so well). But going by his comments I've heard, he seemed to miss a lot. His DVD commentaries were usually limited to him wisecracking, recounting old stories, making fun of Delenn's speeches, and preventing Bruce Boxleitner from ever saying anything meaningful. In contrast, Bruce seemed to "get" the show a little more.

In extreme contrast to Jerry, some of the BSG cast and all the Firefly regulars seem to really enjoy the show not as a cushy gig but as a true work of art. The Firefly actors seem to know more about the show than anyone besides Whedon himself because they loved their characters so, and wanted to know everything they could. Nathan Fillion's commentaries tend to be funny and insightful.

...wait, this is a B5 forum, right? Not Firefly? Dang.