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I'm on Disk 2 of season 1, now and I'm having a hard time getting into it. It just seems too "OMG, we need to get gas from the gas station to the hospital without too much electric shock and we ALL DIE." I just want them to get through that BS and to the character development. I'm not giving up, though, not yet.
It got an 8.6 on the Neilsons. The problem wit CBS was that it was so popular that they couldn't figure out how to market the advertisements to the correct demographic.

Ok, it got better. Thank God. The teacher was annoying the frack out of me. Thankfully they haven't had much of her lately. The store owner was also annoying and she was offed (which was sad, I'll admit, but it boosted the story arc and gave the curly-haired kid something more to do than sit around and pine after the town princess and avoid altercations with bullies.)

The Ravenwood guys are creepy. Something tells me we'll be seeing them again. Isn't that the guy from Strange Luck?
Well, I just finished season 1. Wow, what an ending. Downloading season 2 eps as we speak.

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Sad about Johnston dying, but that sure lit a fire under Jake and Eric. I think I feel the worst for Eric--losing an ex wife, baby, father in such a short amount of time.

A bit irritated that Jonah didn't stick around, at the very least for his daughter. Glad he and his men helped, but when the time came for them to make right, they ran. Maybe them staying would have been too formulaic and predictable.

I think R. Hawkins definitely shot himself (and Jericho) in the foot with the usage of that satellite.

Bout time they used that tank, too. I was getting antsy for them to whip that sucker out.

Anyway, looking forward to watching what's there of season 2. I hope they at least were able to end it or complete a few major storylines. Too bad it didn't make it.

Nuts indeed!
Season 2 moves VERY fast, because there were only 8 episodes purchased. CBS basically gave them that amount of time to close things up. But aside from the first episode, which is kind of "blah" the rest is very good. You need to suspend belief a bit in the fact of "would all of this really happen so fast?"

No, it wouldn't. But then again, this was stuff that was supposed to take place over several seasons, which is more believable. So you just gotta put that aside and watch it for the rest of it.
This was one of my favorite new shows of the last two seasons. It's a shame it got cancelled (twice), but at least it was given a chance to resolve its story arc (except for the inevitable civil war which would follow the finale).

Recoil is right; it did move fast, but I was okay with that. The slower pace of the first season allowed for more character development and gradual revelations of the underlying mysteries, but the 2nd season felt very meaty and tightly written but without sacrificing all heart. In fact, I think it was seven episodes, not eight, so it successfully did what it needed to do in very little time.
I'm watching the last two episodes tonight. Can't wait.

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Glad Goetz got it. What an assclown. Who kills a deaf girl? Seriously?
Still have to watch the last episode. Second to last one was annoying.

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So much else they could be doing with their episode time than having Hawkins run around with a nuclear bomb, only to get it taken away by anonymous, Keiffer-Sutherland like voice dude.

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