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Jericho Season 2 (Spoilers)


If I remember correctly, there were a couple other Jericho watchers on this site other than me, and were happy when the show was saved by the fan campaign, and its now back on the air for another season.

At first, I wasn't impressed at all with this new season. I watched the first episode and felt like I was really watching a different TV show. It just felt...off. It felt like I was watching a daytime soap opera in the middle of Kansas. As far as season premiers go, this was one of the weaker ones I have seen from a TV show ---- not a good sign given that this show came back from the dead last year.

However, I just got done watching the second episode of the new season, and feel a lot better. This episode felt like the Jericho I had gotten used to. And I really like the direction they are taking the show this year. Not having Gerald McRaney back this season (for obvious reasons) is of course a huge loss to make up, but so far the show is getting started for its new season OK. I'm really curious to see where this will go.

Anyone know how many episodes were ordered for this strike-shortened season?
Yes, my husband and I are fans of Jericho and we like the new season. Major Beck is a great character and of course Hawkins and Jake are back in full force.

I seem to remember that 6 new episodes were ordered as a result of "an ardent grass roots campaign by fans - still more espisodes may be ordered if rating improve in season two." Not sure about the six episodes and couldn't find any info on my limited search.

Hope that Jericho picked up some new viewers during the writers strike and all the repeats of regular programs. We are hooked and look forward to each new episode.
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While I think the content of the show is still good about 4 episodes into this new season, it is pretty clear, appearance wise, that this is a show that was canceled and brought back from the dead.

Visibly you can tell their budget has been cut WAY back. When I watch the show, I feel like I am watching a daytime soap opera on CBS, not the same Prime time drama from last year. The overall appearance of the sets, camera work, and other such visuals really are more geared for lower budget daytime TV. So while the network revived the show, you can tell they didn't bring it fully back.

However, that said, as I mentioned above the CONTENT of the show is still good, so I guess you can't look a gift horse in the mouth, or something like that. ;)
I've really liked this new season. I wasn't too sure what they were going to do with it to wrap things up but they've done some pretty cool things with both old and new characters alike. They keep saying that there's only a couple episodes left before the season finale. Does this mean that it may come back next year again, or is this just going to be it as they initially said it would?
This is as unofficial as it gets, but one of the creators said they would be back "somehow" next year. I took that to mean NOT on CBS, but that they are shopping the show around, and already have other networks interested. Will it happen? Who knows, we will see.

I can't imagine them "wrapping things up" in just two more episodes. They may wrap up the big "why" of the bombs, but there is clearly a LOT more to tell in the Jericho universe at this point.
My money is on Sci-Fi channel at this point.

I think the studio is trying to sell the show for Sci-Fi to pick it up. They are marketing and showing the show HARDCORE on SciFi the last few weeks. Tonight is the typical "Sci Fi Friday" but Stargate Atlantis had their finale, and Battlestar Galactica isn't on for another month....and they are running 3-4 hours of Jericho Season 1 straight through.

I'll bet they are testing ratings and interest.

My money is that if the show gets picked up for a full Season 3, it will be on Sci-Fi channel...
To me, this was one of the best new shows last season, and so far, I'm thoroughly impressed with the condensed but faster-paced second season. I would love to see more of this show, so it would be great if Sci-Fi picked it up.

I'm not so sure it fits on Sci-Fi, but it always seemed out of place on CBS too. At least it's closer to being science fiction that wrestling is. I still can't figure out how they justify putting wrestling on Sci-Fi.

If CBS isn't interested in a third season, it would still be in the Viacom/Paramount family if Spike TV picked it up. Since they've mostly abandoned the music video format, even CMT could be a fitting home for Jericho.

If it isn't sci-fi enough for Sci-Fi, it would fit on USA, but I'm still ticked at USA for them canceling The 4400 without a proper sendoff. Jericho isn't hip or edgy enough for FX, and it's way too clean for HBO or Showtime.
I'm not really reading this thread because of spoilers (thanks for the warning), but I've never seen this show. I remember someone telling me that it was pretty good, and I saw the DVD set in the library. I may pick it up. Y'all think I'd like it?

Shows I dearly love:

- Original Trek; B5 (duh); The Wire; Deadwood

Shows I like:

- Rome; The Sopranos; Jeremiah

Shows I kind of enjoy but are ultimately kinda stupid but fun:

- Farscape; Firefly/Serenity; Heroes; Lost; Friday Night Lights

Shows I hate:

- Sex & the City (words cannot express how much I hate this); Gilmore Girls; any procedural like CSI or Law & Order; anything about doctors or lawyers
I'm not really reading this thread because of spoilers (thanks for the warning), but I've never seen this show. I remember someone telling me that it was pretty good, and I saw the DVD set in the library. I may pick it up. Y'all think I'd like it?

Given that I agreed with 90% of your comments (I'd file Lost under "annoyingly pretentious" rather than dumb) I can confidently predict you'll enjoy Jericho. It sags a bit in the middle of Season 1, but otherwise I'd say it's just as good as Jeremiah (the nearest show for comparison, although it's a different kind of post-apocalypse).

Indeed, on the political satire front I'd say it's the best Sci-Fi show since Galactica's first season (and a lot better than it's mostly dire third).

Spoiler for Jericho:
A fascist coup by defence contractors with it's powerbase in Wyoming? However did they get away with that?:D

Although it does takes a while (some might say too long) before you figure out what's actually been going on. This has the advantage that you actually care about the characters by then. ;)
Yea pick it up GKE. I'm not saying its going to be your favorite show ever, but I think you will enjoy it. To a new viewer (I was last year of course) it has some odd pacing to it. The background music at times seems a bit over the top (the music meant to play during tense situations) but this ultimately, for better or for worse, becomes what makes this show different in its unique way.

I liked it. I dont think its completely realistic, but it really does go where no other TV show has dared to go, and does come up with some really creative situations as the arc gets into full swing. And the end of Season 1/beginning of Season 2? Wow. Twist time!

But pick it up. I think you will dig it.

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