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Jeremiah now on Sci Fi Channel


JEREMIAH, created by JMS and originally shown on Showtime is now on the Sci Fi Channel. It started this past Thursday, July 10 and four episodes were shown. Sci Fi announced that it will be on again this coming Thrusday, July 17 at 7 p.m. EST.
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I've never seen it because it was never aired in my little corner of the World, but if it's written by JMS it must be good.
This is cool. I tried to watch it on Netflix, but the quality of the streaming video was so craptastic, that I gave up.
I'm currently DVR'ing it and watching it at my leisure. So far I haven't seen enough of it to form any opinions, however.
I wonder how the editing is on it? There is occasional nudity and alot of swearing. I have the first season on dvd which is great, I love it. I wish the 2nd season would come out soon on dvd.
I just caught "And the Ground ... Sown with Salt" the other night and man, how I miss this show! It is such a powerful episode and I forgot how creepy Michael was. Anyway, it has been a few years since I saw the Showtime versions of the show and I could dig them out and compare but for the most part it seemed pretty true to the original version. It was obvious to me where they cut out a sex scene (showing only the part when they were finished) and of course much of the swearing was dubbed over. I guess it is a good thing that American TV doesn't cut out all the violence since that was the meat of this episode.

I am hoping they are actually going to show it in HD.
Last week I saw the ep where Jeremiah meets that lady that had the boat and was stealing gas so that she could use the boat to travel across the ocean to see who was left on the other side of the world. I thought it was brave of her to want to set sail not knowing if she was even going to have enough fuel to get to land and where she'd end up. But she did it with a sense of faith and adventure and that's what I thought was kinda cool.
For Netflix subscribers, I saw Jeremiah available on it's "Watch Now" feature, which allows users to watch content directly from their site. Their "Watch Now" content is small but growing, so it's cool to see this there.
For those interested, the second Season of Jeremiah starts tonight on the SciFi channel. Even though it's only 15 episodes, I think that it's far stronger than the first and has one of the most fascinating characters I've ever seen on TV.

^^ As I recall, you only actually get to see him once as a character in the first season. Then he plays another character in the second season but what you see isn't him.

It's getting pretty easy to tell when something's filmed in Canada, given how often we see some actors. Not that they're not good, far from it, just that they're so familiar in genre shows.

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