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Jeremiah News

Latest from JMS regarding Jeremiah in the U.S.:

On the TV front, I have final confirmation that the last batch of Jeremiah
episodes will be airing on the regular Showtime channels starting September
3rd. The episodes are:

Sept 3: Crossing Jordan and Running On Empty
Sept 10:: The Question and The Past Is Prologue
Sept 17: The Face In The Mirror and State Of The Union
Sept 24: Interregnum (Parts 1 and 2)

All of them are really strong episodes, and I'm glad to see them finally being

Finally! I can't wait for next Friday! :D

Finally! I can't wait for next Friday! :D

Hold on to your socks, don't blink and whatever you do, don't leave your chair! Crossing Jordan is what JMS has been known to call a 'real toad-strangler'.

In other words, you're in for a treat. Well...sorta. ;-)

Does anyone know if they are reshowing Season2 #7 - voices in the dark again before they show the new ones?

It is the only one i have missed.


Re: Jeremiah not Dead, Possible 3rd Season

Continuing something that was a series in comic book form is basically saying "the actors don't matter". I can see why an eager story-writer might want to do this, but it certainly is a bad sign for the acting business, I would think.

Of course, it will also pull in far fewer profits, I would think.
Re: Jeremiah not Dead, Possible 3rd Season

But they haven't given up all hope of it being picked back up, or at least do a Farscape kinda deal with a Miniseries or TV movie.
Re: Jeremiah not Dead, Possible 3rd Season

I only recently have had a chance to see Jerimiah. I have liked what I have seen so far, a lot, actually.

But would any of the original writers be back? Would JMS just hand over his overall arc for the series, or would any current writers effectively be writing blindly?
Re: Jeremiah not Dead, Possible 3rd Season

I hate Jeremiah. It's a depressing show. Glad they cancelled it.

*runs away*
Re: Jeremiah not Dead, Possible 3rd Season

I actually have only see an episode or two myself Hyp.

From what I've read, JMS would be no help to them, they know what they know because it's been filmed (or maybe initial specs might rovide them with some future direction), and his opinion seems to be, if they want to continue it, they aren't gettin' anything more from him (haven't heard a word about any other writers).