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Jeremiah DVD in 2004 ?

Oooh! Consider me first in line for buying it!

Any word on whether it will be captioned/subtitled? And if not, who do I bug..er, contact regarding this? There's nothing worse for me as a hearing impaired person to pop in an eagerly awaited dvd and find they didn't bother to caption it. Heck, give me a copy of the script and whatever software they use to do it and I'll type them up myself.
There are no details yet (although I have dug up some more sites reporting the release date on my board) but you should drop MGM a note if you want to make sure it is subtitled. :)
YES!! I have been waiting a long time for this :) I only have the first season in SVCD. But I will have the DVD as soons as it hit the shelves. JUHUUU! :D I have all my favorite tv-series on DVD and to have a leagal version is good. I think Tv- series in general is to slow putting out series out on tape/dvd and for people like me that live outside the states will have trouble getting to em or at all. And the only way is to download em from the net. Hope they get the finger out soon, before they loose the battle on the net.

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