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Jeremiah = Babylon5?


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Jeremiah - Sheridan
Lee - Garibaldi
Kurdy - Marcus
Cleo - Londo
Ezeekiel - Lorien
Guy from Valhalla Sector they caught in Season 1 - Mr. Morden
Valhalla Sector - Z'ha'dum
Mountain - Babylon 5
Alliance - Alliance
Daniel - Drakh
hehe exactly. I found a bunch of other similarities, but can't think of them off the top of my head right now.
Actually there are numerous word for word quotes in Jeremiah that were in B5.

For example:

"We have to create the future or others will do it for us"
Said by - Markus - "Things Left Unsaid - Part 2" - Jeremiah
Commander Ivanova - "Sleeping in Light" - B5
As well as "Cooperation will be rewarded, resistance will be punished" in Season 2 Episode 1or2. Which is also the line when they were interrogating Sheridan
Jeremiah's dad - Sheridan's dad!
Chairs = Chairs!
Light bulbs = light bulbs!
People in the background of some scene = people in the background of some scene!



what a load of crap man... ;)

it's cute
but it's crap.

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