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Java news ticker


Does anyone else find that it slows down the site like I do? I find it hard to scroll the pages, it leaves odd artifacts and it interfers with my back button too. :( Nice idea but kinda annoying. :(

PS: I have the same experience in IE as well.
You aren't the only one. Whenever there's an applet on a page, if I use a mouse's scroll wheel, it has a tendency to keep scrolling slowly in discrete, timely increments, even when the scroll wheel is still. It's odd that this occurs ONLY when an applet is running.

Although the news ticker does look cool. :D
Odd, it seems to be better at home. Perhaps XP deals with it better than win2k? *scratches head*

It still messes with my back button but at least it isn't as slow when I am at work.
It could be a problem with your java engine. are you using Sun's or Microsoft's?

But either way, it won't remain. I like it in principle, but Java isn't right for many reasons. So I'm going to write my own Flash one.
I am pretty sure it is Java's. Grr, it is always the last thing to load on the page and I think that is what is messing up my back button and typing in the reply box. I had to manually click in the box to type my message which I have never had to do before.

Anyway, it is a small inconvienience really and I will be very happy to see the Flash one instead since that will hopefully work better.

I tend to ignore everything at the top of the page anyway. :p
My computer has been acting up tonight, too. I thought it was my server slowing down. Nice to know it's not my imagination.

It's a cool idea, though.
I've got the beginning of a Flash ticker done... it works so far. :D I just need to progress it.
And that's because you have the mickey mouse java that things like Mozilla install! :D

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