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Java News Scroller Replacement


Heya Markas,
I recently wrote a javascript news scroller for this forum similar to the Java one you have. It has the additional features of stopping on mouseover, opening to a menu version, manual scrolling, and not having to load the Java Virtual Machine. ;)
If you're interested I can modify it to your needs and dump the code here so you can use it yourself. :)
You think Markas would be foolish enough to make it known that he really runs the place. It's much better for you to be a puppet... er... be in charge while he remains in the background.

Yes, yes that's what I meant. ;)

I most certainly would never put forth that this is my place. People would want me to do things then. I'm far too lazy to do things.

Mostly. :D
But the JavaScript idea itself... sounds nice and practical.

I mean, Java virtual machines do take some megabytes... are known to occasionally interfere with window placement (forcing the browser window to become uppermost after loading) or sometimes even crash.

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