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Jack the ripper article

I recently bought that book when I placed an amazon.com order for some science fiction books by Bester, I think. :eek:

I'm curious to see her theories, but probably won't read it until this summer. Why did he just suddenly stop? Some Ripperologists say he didn't. That he moved to the USA and continued.
I am about half way through her book and it is interesting. She has done a lot of research and it shows. As to whether it was worth 6M who knows. I don't want to give an opinion until I have finished it though. It is a good read.
I bought it over the summer last year and read through it really quickly. It's a gruesome read, but it'll keep you turning the pages. I definitely found it quite interesting and plausible for the amount of research and damning evidence she found. But, we may never know since the cases were so poorly handled.
I'm not sure how this is Babylon 5 related, but it's certainly an interesting topic. Something I've been interested in, since the Star Trek episode dealing with the topic.

Rommie :cool: