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J. Michael Straczynski talks B5LR's hopes of a series


J. Michael Straczynski talks B5LR\'s hopes of a series

<font color="#ffffff" size="+1"><a name="985349195">J. Michael Straczynski talks B5LR's hopes of a series</font>
<font size="3" face="arial">Decision may be made on rough cut of the telemovie</font> <font color="silver" size="-2">(posted at 21:26PST)</font>

The success of the B5LR telemovie will help decide if a series will be commissioned. However, the decision may be made earlier, as J. Michael Straczynski explained recently.

"It's possible they could wait for the ratings, says Straczynski, "and it's equally possible that they could give the go based on the rough cut of the movie. We've been told that it can go either way."

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