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I've got DVD Fever!!

I\'ve got DVD Fever!!

I held out a long time because I felt a little foolish buying a TV show. Oh well.

After buying Season 3 and loving it, I ran out and bought Season 2 off the Internet for $68.58 complete. It arrived via UPS in 2 days. AWESOME!

One thing I'm really impressed by in terms of the special features is the inclusion of people like Andrea Thompson and Claudia Christian for interviews and commentaries. There's a sense that any past conflicts have been forgotten and forgiven. The commentary with Bruce, Jerry, and Claudia is just as silly and carefree as the one on Season 3. These folks really do get along and it's great to see and hear that. They also loved the job. They loved the "meat" of the work they were able to perform, they loved the hours, and they loved the company. Okay, so they didn't like the heat, the earthquakes, or the dreaded "Orange Roughy", but aside from that... there is a constant praising of the people involved from JMS all the way down to the set dressers.

The other constant I've noticed is that everyone wants to come back, make no mistake about it. I hope they do.

I saw Season 1 on the Internet for under $50. Should I get it now? *joneses*
Re: I\'ve got DVD Fever!!

Definitely get season 1, but remember, it was bad before it got better. I mean, S1 is better than anything on TV right now or for the past few years Sci-Fi wise, but Sinclair is markedly different from Sheridan. And Susan and some others are still feeling out their roles. Enjoy the cool "Homeguard" storyline stuff in S1, though. I wanted to see more of that thought process in the later seasons than we did.

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