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Ivanova's Ship


Ivanova\'s Ship

I was wondering if it is ever stated in the series or in any of the books what the name of the ship is that Ivanova takes command of? I cannot remember it ever being mentioned and I want to know so that I can use it in a fanfic I am working on.

Also, am I correct in thinking that she was in command of one of the Warlock ships? Thanks for your help

Re: Ivanova\'s Ship

its called EAS Titans. It was named in a JMS magazine short story. And yes it was a Warlock.

much more info on the Warlock at www.b5tech.com. Its not all canon, but it is cool.
My first ever post, i've been following this site for years, but only got around to this today!! Hello all! :LOL:
Re: Ivanova\'s Ship

Darth, welcome to the board. I took the liberty of editing your post in order to fix the link. Punctuation needs to go outside the [ /url ] bracket or it gets read as part of the URL. :)



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