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Its time to play Trek trivia!


you know trek has lots of "you just know what is going to happen next" parts.

1. you have some strange dude who u never saw b4, and the key thing u notice is ***HE HASN'T shaved***looking stressed and disheveled
so strange hasn't shaved dude is the captain of the enterprise

what does this tell u is going to happen next??

2. Some ppl are transporting down to the planet in the landing party, bones, spock, kirk, and 2 other ppl u have never seen...what happens to the 2 other ppl u have never seen on the planet?
2. THEY DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

new one to replace question 2: Romulan BoP decloaks off the port bow of the Ent-D with weapons charged, what happens next?
hey ya'll are pretty smart! LOL

ok the *NOT SHAVEN LOOK* should have given u the clue that he is crazy.
well that all depends, now doesn't it.

Kirk: well, he'll be needing another set of bedcovers...

Picard: he'll bore her talking about old books and music or archeology...

Sisko: Make a pass or two but make sure it doesn't go anywhere, while they have some of his home-made cajun food...

Janeway: Remind Chakotay not to sack her until after a medical scan is done...

Archer: talk about his "great" ship and Earth...
Good answer Gshans. This is a TNG question - The crew want to help a race but it goes against the prime directive. What do they do?
Good answer Gshans. This is a TNG question - The crew want to help a race but it goes against the prime directive. What do they do?
TNG: Hold a meeting, retire to the Holodeck, give a speech about ideals, and leave without breaking the Prime Directive.

TOS: Break the f***er!
They weren't breaking the Prime Directive in that case, just violating a Starfleet quarantine of the Genesis Planet.

God, I'm a geek.
My answer would have been either modify a few people to look like the aliens and help them out or bring them to the holodeck without them knowing it and transport them to a safer location. I think once they actually did both - Warf and his brother.
Ha five points to who can name the kind of pet Worf had as a child. It was in an episode where they see illusions.
Well, I have an image of it in my head but I had to Google it to remember what the name of it was (a Targ).

Now, what can I use my points for?
Use your points for some Trek Analogies.

Everyone knows how this goes. Dog : Puppy :: Cat : Kitten
Also, this oughta greatly increase your SAT scores, Seniors.

Picard : "I don't have kids" :: Kirk : "Kids? I have millions"

Janeway and Archer : Stupid Trek shows :: Kirk : Stupid Priceline.com commercials

Harry Kim : Can't get promoted :: Wesley Crusher : Can't get laid

Main Characters : They all become Admirals in future alternate realities :: Main actors : all become jobless after Star Trek

Kirk : Lost his son on Genesis to Klingon bastards :: Picard : Lost his "Genesis Torpedo" because he never used it