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Is this cheating?


I was looking up spoilers for some shows....and now people are calling me a cheater. I'm "cheating" because I'm reading spoilers. I don't understand how this is cheating. Can anyone tell me, because the people calling me a cheater won't explain.
You could be cheating yourself... by spoiling the stories.

But mostly, I'd tell them where to go. What does it matter what they think? Do you what you want. :)
Cheating? Those people telling you that are drinking Drano. There's nothing wrong with reading spoilers. I check www.spoilerfix.com all the time. I even read the spoilers for B5 way back when it was in first-run, and the spoilers didn't keep from enjoying the show.
I personally avoid spoilers like the absolute plague. :)

But either way, to opposing wishes on this... we both agree that it's up to anyone what they do. :D
As long as you don't tell these spoilers to others who didn't know them already, you aren't cheater. However if you tell them what is going to happen in some film/series then... it's very uncomfortable. :eek:

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