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Is there any data about S3 sales?


Just wondering, also do most US people by up in Canada. I noticed B5 S3 was #1 at Amazon.ca for a long time.


Don't know about Americans buying from Canada. Amazon.com's B5 S3 sales are pretty high as well. My guess is there's quite a following up there :D

Not most, but certainly "a fair number" I'm still waiting for my set precisely because I ordered from Canada - to take advantage of the exchange rate, and the dealer's additional discount for pre-orders. (I placed my order in May or June.) Cost me just under $65.00 US, shipped, which is hard to beat. Probably one reason why the S3 set was the number one DVD set at that site last week.

As for actual sales numbers - the studios don't release them. If a disc (or set) does fantastically well, it will turn up on Video Business magazine's sales chart - which gives comparative sales between major retailers, but no actual numbers. The first sales week for S3 ended on Saturday the 16th. The chart for that week won't go up on the VB website for another week or so.

The S1 set did not make the composite to 30 list that VB publishes, but it did make the top 20 or 25 of several individual retailers. The S2 set actually did make the composite list, showing surprising strength against some serious competition. Unlike huge recent theatrical movies, the B5 set didn't stay on the list for weeks, but just making it (and coming in higher than that week's X-Files release if memory serves) was pretty impressive. I'll post the results for S3 when they become available, I just have to find the link.


Joe, is there still no news on season 3 sales data, also is the data from "Video Business magazine's sales chart" just US data or do they include Canada as well.

Thanks in advance.

AFAIK the sales info from Video Business is strictly for U.S. sales and does not include sales in Canada - except possibly for some on-line sales.

B5 S3 debuted on the list published on Sunday (for the weeek ending August 17th) at number 15 on the composite list of the 20 top sellers. (Not the top 30 as indicated in my previous post.) Pretty damned impressive, I'd say, considering some of the other titles debuting that week (like The Lizzie McGuire Movie and Cradle 2 the Grave which occupied two slots, #1 for the widescreen version and #12 for the pan & scan edition.)

Looking at the individual merchant charts, the set was number 8 at Amazon.com, number 3 at Buy.com and number 6 at DVDEmpire. It did less well at traditional brick and mortar stores (#18 on the Best Buy list, and not even making the cut at Circuit City and Blockbuster.) But hey, who shops there anymore? That's so 20th century. :)


Thank you for the update. Sounds pretty good and really who does shop at those brick and mortar type stores anymore. :)


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