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Is the B5 Universe dying or just taking nap?


Beyond the rim
Sadly, I've noticed a deciline in posts about B5 and B5 related shows like Crusade and Rangers over the past few months and it makes me wonder if the B5 Univrese is dying or, hopefully, just taking a nap? Scifi Channel's relegating B5 to the "filler" category doesn't help.
Amazon sell rank of 55 for S2 DVD's

We just need something new in this Universe to talk about. Like

here is a rumor about Jerry Doyle from the UPI
The latest rumor is that veteran character actor Jerry Doyle, probably best known in the role of Michael Garibaldi on the television sci-fi series "Babylon 5," may be gearing up for a bid for Congress. Doyle is said to be testing the waters for a run as a Republican in Florida's 16th Congressional District if the incumbent, as expected, does not seek re-election.


Here is a new computer game called FREELANCER, Microsoft
From the website of the Washingtonpost

here is what it says about it.

“The game's combat, however, requires practice, on account of its tricky, hybrid keyboard-mouse interface (you use the keys to fly and the mouse to shoot, a complicated setup that does allow the advantage of directing fire at enemies on all sides). There's an engaging plot beneath the combat, which seems to have been pulled from the old "Babylon 5" TV series; its themes guide you through the game, although you can still depart it at any time”

See there are some things new in the B5 world.

Amazon sell rank of 55 for S2 DVD's
When I checked yesterday if was at a sales rank of #2 at Amazon.ca. Hell yeah! But I plan to get S2 and S3 plus The Two Towers extended edition at once to save on shipping costs.
Just because its completed, doesn't mean its dead. We're still here keeping he flame burning. I'd much rather have B5 in the state it is, than to have it become a walking zombie like Star Trek.
The decline you've noticed is one of the reason for the reorganization of the B5-related topics on the board. But let's face it, some decline was inevitable. B5 itself has been out-of-production for several years now. Crusade lasted only 13 episodes, and is not rerun frequently - so new fans who discovered the original series via its Sci-Fi Channel runs or S1 on DVD will not have seen it. Rangers ended up being a one-shot TV movie. There really isn't a whole lot that is new to say about some of this stuff. (Believe me, I spent the past couple of days going through hundreds of threads and thousands of messages as I moved things to the new sections, and it is astonishing how many times - and in how many different forums - the same question has been posted over the past couple of years.)

The DVD release is really breathing some new life into the discussions, but a new set only arrives every six months or so. Folks still keep up with what the cast and guest stars are up to and post about that. There are lots of ancillary works like the novels to talk about. Just because a lot of stuff has been out there for awhile doesn't mean it isn't new to somebody, and those somebodies eventually find there way here after sampling all the inferior boards.

The B5 audience is still growing, but very slowly. So new fans are still relatively few, and old fans have already said everything they need to say on the subject. But rewatching the shows anew on DVD, or watching some non-B5 movie or show, will keep reminding us of things we loved about the series, and that will prompt us to post something new again - just when it looks like Ant should be turning out the lights.

BTW, I live in the 16th District in Florida, so I really hope Doyle decides to go for it. I was in the district he ran to represent on election day 2000, but was only visiting and therefore unable to vote for him. (Now if he'd been running in Chicago or New Jersey, we might have been able to work something out.)


Not dying. I prefer "resting on its laurels."

You're right, without new material it's difficult to have anything to say. But B5 is a story that's worth revisiting over and over, so there will always be something going on.

And about Jerry Doyle's congress campaign; what I saw of his platform looked interesting. Real compassionate conservatism, it seemed; a lot more compassionate than our president's brand. Most important it seemed like he held his opinions honestly. A breath of fresh air.
<font color="yellow"> Originally posted by gangster: </font color>
Sadly, I've noticed a deciline in posts about B5 and B5 related shows like Cursade...

This kind of thing REALLY pisses me off.
What does this intentional, snide renaming convey when it's said inside a B5 Site/Forum? *I* didn't like the Legend of the Rangers pilot, but you don't see me looking for snide ways to rename it, and posting them here or elsewhere. That's the kind of thing that's usually reserved for the infamous trolls on <font color="cyan">rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5</font color> (the UNmoderated group), <font color="cyan">rec.arts.sf.tv</font color> and <font color="cyan">rec.arts.tv</font color>.

If you don't like CRUSADE, say that. If you think CRUSADE was cursed, say that. Whatever you do, back it up with your reasons and be prepared to defend them, but don't pull this crap.
This kind of behavior is just the kind of trollish thing that Theron or Ford would do, and that's company you don't want to be associated with.
No, he's done it repeatedly before, and refuses to correct 'em. It was hand grenade, and one I just couldn't pass up throwing back at him.
Jerry in Florida! Excellent. He's got a much better shot than in California District 24 - and besides, he lives here. He's a great speaker, very quick-witted, minces no words, and has a lot of knowledge and experience in several areas. He'll slaughter anyone in a debate, which is why Sherman never agreed to one.

As to the death or long sleep of B5, I'd like to think there will be more, but with each disappointing attempt at a revival my hopes diminish. The DVDs will do well and boost enthusiasm, but then there will be the usual money haranguing as was evidenced first with PTEN, then TNT, and ultimately SciFi. Then there's those missing files and hte dilemma as to who would air the show if they ever produced it. It's a mess.
I think KoshN forgot to take his pills today.

Dude, its a typo, relax ok? Ive never seen someone so near violence over a show that only ran 13 episodes and died several years ago. God damn, take it easy, it was a simple mistake.
If this poster, like KoshN has said, does make say Cursade a lot then it's probably in keeping with the topic itself.

That aside, I think the topic probably does indicate a "throw your hands up and give in" approach. Instead of saying "Oh, is it all dead?" why not think up some exciting topics and start to ingnite some conversations? At the end of the day, that's better and can help lift dull moments.

It's all about momentum.
<font color="yellow"> Originally posted by Recoil: </font color>
Dude, its a typo, relax ok? ... it was a simple mistake.

Not in this case.

Search results for query: Cursade

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There have been more, but some probably got lost the last time we lost board messages (probably not in the recent restructuring).

Joe's reply was regarding it being a Freudian slip. Some of the others were in quoted passages.

ps. Evidently Recoil was right. Gangster says it was a typo.
<font color="yellow"> Originally posted by Joseph DeMartino: </font color>



Well, I am on my 3rd cup of coffee (leaded), and most people use 3 scoops per pot, and I use 5.
Ok so it isnt a typo. Maybe the person just doesnt realize the proper way to type Crusade. I used to spell the word only as olny for years by mistake. It was a subliminal thing when I was typing, and it took spellchecker catching it over and over to correct my typing habits. But if you choose to go on insisting that he is doing it to strike at you, be my guest.

What I dont get is why you make such a big freakin deal about it. Who cares if some dude on a BBS types a couple letters reversed in the spelling of the name of a deceased TV show?

Like Joe said, DECAF.
<font color="yellow"> Originally posted by Recoil: </font color>
Ok so it isnt a typo.


From my post above:
<font color="cyan">ps. Evidently Recoil was right. Gangster says it was a typo.

Edited by KoshN (03/12/03 11:21 AM) </font color>
Actually it was a typo, Recoil, so corrected it. At 71, the fingers get ahead of the brain so reverse letters sometimes. I am doing that more and more. They call it "Old Timer's Disease." <G>

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