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Is anyone still watching 24?


Is it just me, or is 24 just not as good as it used to be? I remember in the first two seasons, there would be new threads about it every week and now no one seems to be talking about it at all. Personally, I used to never miss an hour - taping it if I even thought I might miss it. This year, I've missed two episodes already and it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

I think the perspective of the show has changed a little. Last year, the whole terrorist threat was on everyone's mind, but now it almost seems passe (even if the threat is still present). I noticed in the second season, they tried to cram as many plotlines into the show as feasible; but this year there might be a few too many.

There's too many bad guys. Almost everybody's a bad guy and/or screwing one of the other characters. Jack's addiction plotline isn't working. You just wanna slap that Mexican bitch. And now I hear they're bringing back Sherry.

I don't know what it is, but I just don't care about what happens to any of these people, save Jack. The President has been superfluous to the main plot, and his whole B-plot is just tedious.

I gotta admit though, that the Russian Roulette scene a couple weeks ago was exactly why I watch this show. And I still watch it. I just don't get excited about it.

You are on crack. 24 still owns. Although I am wondering where this season is going right now, thats a good thing. So far I think it is even better than S2.
I've never thought much of 24. Despite not liking very much, I watched most of the first two seasons anyway, for some stupid reason. So far, I've been successful at forcing myself not to watch the third season, and I definitely don't miss it.
Season one was superb. Season two just got so contrived in places (like about 22 hours of it).

So season three I'm not watching. At least not yet. I'll probably wait to watch the entire season in one go when it's all finished. I find that getting caught up in it compensates for sitting for a week working out how crap 24 can be at times. :D

But please guys, if you're going to talk about season three put spoiler warnings. There's not been any major spoilers in this thread, but there are some none the less.

Oh, and Lisa Kudrow is producing a new TV show that focuses on a Manhattan dinner party over 24 episodes. Honestly, I'm not kidding!
24 is one of the only two shows I watch on a regular basis. I wasn't impressed with the first couple episodes but I like what's been going on lately. I'm with Recoil in not really seeing where things are going this season.
(possible general spoilers)

Agreed, I'm still enjoying watching it. ElScorcho has a point in that there isn't the same threat of a massive calamity that the second one had. After two seasons we know what to expect and so there must be a new threat, but right now we can't see it. I guess that's making it less stressful.
In the first two seasons the threats dodged the counter attacks and changed shape before our eyes. Right now the initial third season threat seems to going nowhere and possibly defeated entirely.

That said, this point (end of sixth episode) in the first two seasons was also quiet.
I'm still lovin' it. I'm at the point where I can pretty much forgive any plot hole or cheap-thrill contraption and just go along for the ride. It's all about Jack Bauer getting tortured and kicking ass for me. And I still like Palmer.

The bum story line for me this season is that snotty yuppie kid and his blonde girlfriend.
To hell with her, she's not even hot this season with all those stupid clothes and that awful hair. The mighty GKarsEye is all about Michelle this season- mature, sexy, in charge, and oh-so-distraught over her emotionally stunted husband.
To hell with her, she's not even hot this season with all those stupid clothes and that awful hair. The mighty GKarsEye is all about Michelle this season- mature, sexy, in charge, and oh-so-distraught over her emotionally stunted husband.
I second that.

I never really liked Kim's character except for a few select scenes over the last 2 seasons where she made an impact --- but I ALWAYS thought she was goddamn hot and fun to watch. But this season she just...isnt. Her hair IS the worst. Ive commented about that so many times. Eww, just eww.

Michelle is definately a good focus for me as well. She always has been yummy.
Yeah, Michelle's pretty hot. I'm still waiting to see Mandy again though... :cool: Think they'll ever bring her back?
Am I the only one who thinks she actually looks better in her more formal attire? I'm insulted when a main character constantly dresses in a provocative fashion. Insults me that they think I need to see this to tune in. Take a look at the new BG miniseries, for example. Just saw a few minutes in the beginning and I was turned off.

At least she's been given a reasonable purpose now. Though I still hope that Gael somehow finds a way to pull that trigger. :devil:
Kim is dressed more appropriately, but not "better."
In the last two seasons, she was annoying and useless most of the time, but at least she looked hot while running away from dumb college kids, wife beaters, and cougars. The 7 of 9 factor.
Now, she's still useless and annoying, but without even the looks to give us some solace.
If she was a good character, then I wouldn't care.
She also smuggled peanuts very well on occaisons. The one that sticks in my mind is when she's in that ranch with that guy in season two.
I dont know about smuggling peanuts but that outfit she had in Season 1 made her look like she was smuggling a couple midgets. :) Yessir for all of "Kim's" faults, she has a nice pair of sweater kittens.