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Is anyone going to Comic-con this weekend?


JMS is going to be at Comic-con in San Diego this weekend, I think he is speaking Saturday. Is anyone going and if so can you give an update on what he has to say. I can't see him going if he has nothing to talk about. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif


First off...
I'm baaaaack......
This poor sheep had gone astray and only now am coming back to the fold..forgive me.
(waving to RW)
Yes, I am going to Comic Con, yes, I have seen JMS and he is in rare form.
Since this is Saturday, I'll give you a run down of the two panels I was able to sit in on.
The first was with John Romida Jr. (not really a junior so don't call his dad senior..heehehe)It's the first time I've seen JMS in person in four years. (Some of you might remember my anecdotal story about Westercon). Anyhow...they were both very fun to listen to, I've no clue about the comic, but given the turnout, I just might have to start reading it. Their personalities are so similar, I'm not surprised that they enjoy working together. Joe seems very relaxed and happy to be there.
The second panel was just himself, on his own and answering all the questions with his trademark wit and depth of personality that he uses his characters to filter through. Besides updating us on his projects, he let us know that last night, he and John won the Eisner award for The Amazing Spiderman! This man knows no boundaries!! I was able to get to the microphone and had intended to ask him what was more fulfilling, the Hugos or the Eisner..what came out was a straight line he promptly skewered me with.
"You have two Hugos under your belt..."
"Yes I do!...and you thought I was just happy to see you" Or something to that effect, I gave him a graceful bow to acknowlege the blow then I went on to say, "Where is your Eisner going?"
Needless to say, it wasn't the only high point of comedy for that hour. I told him that his words and works had inspired all of us and that he truly is proving that 'The road goes ever on.' for him. I added that I expect another Eisner out of him. (you know how it is when you're flustered...right sentiment, wrong words)
I was able to get his autograph afterward, having him sign my well worn issue of B5 Magazine that showcased Sleeping In Light. He signed his column on the back page. ::sigh::
He gets all this gushing from fans now from two different media, three if you count his scriptwriting book, and still sits and throws bs around like any other 'Joe'.
Other than meeting Richard Hatch for the second time in 20 some years, that was my only highlight so far. Speaking of time flying, Joe was truly shocked to realize that last February, B5 past it's 10th anniversary of it's original airing. He was just flabbergasted to realize that, well considering that five years of that was the actual show, the other five passed without notice in comparison.
Well, enough for now. Gee...I'm away for a year and come back and hog the bandwidth with nattering on. I hope to be posting here more often.