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Into the Fire Game Soundtrack


Hi Everyone, new subscriber here,
I wondered if anyone on the forum could help me ...

I gather from the below threads on The First Ones forum that there was a very limited-quantity CD with 5 x 10-12-minute tracks containing the music from the Into the Fire Babylon 5 space-flight simulator:

They had these 5 tracks on YouTube until recently, when the user that uploaded them suddenly disappeared.
I've found the shortened versions available on:
... but the longer tracks are arranged more nicely and contain extra stuff.

I wondered whether anyone might still have access to those files and be able to point in the right direction of where to get them?

Best Regards and thanks for any advice you could give :)

I know one of you has this and it is just a matter of you getting my telepathic message to come check out this thread. :guffaw:

Oh yeah and welcome CRASH! :)
Hi Looney,
Thanks for the welcome!
You have a good forum here and a very friendly admin who helped me with the registration password.

Fingers crossed, one of our regulars here will have the files handy somewhere :)
Interesting, I would like to hear these tracks! I think I have most or all of the B5 soundtrack CDs. I wish more of the season one episode soundtracks had been released, the music was sometimes darker, moodier, ominous.

Raw Shark

"The question is its own purpose, Ambassador Delenn."
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Hi Raw Shark,
You can get a good idea of what they sound like from the miscellaneous page on:

But, as I say,the full-length ones are much better.

I did ask over at firstones.net over IRC but wasn't able to get my account sign-up validated.
I've only got the shortened versions that are on the Music of Babylon 5 website. I didn't realise there was a limited edition CD – wow, that's going to be one of my holy grails now.

I'd love for a speciality soundtrack label like La La Land or Intrada to release some sets of B5 music. There were lots of episodes that never got a CD release, mostly from the first two-and-a-half seasons.
Ah with more than one person looking, our chances have doubled.

I did write an email to Christopher Franke some time ago but I knew even less about what I was asking for then. So it mightn't have been crystal clear, from my email, what I was looking for.
I presumed at that stage that there must have been a commercial, if small-scale, CD release of that music.
In any event, I didn't get any answer back from there.

The longer tracks are just extended versions of what you've heard from the musicofbabylon5 site but they do have some extra bits in and the length of them makes them useful to listen to while you're busy doing other things.
In any event, 55 minutes of combined runtime is better than 25 minutes :)
Why do I keep forgetting to come back and read this when I have time?!?!?!?!?!?!

Please keep talking. LOL I do have all of the CDs as far as I am aware, but I have definitely never heard of this one.
Is this FIRSTONES place where everyone goes after I have bored them to tears? :eek:


But I am SOOOOO glad Crash joined us.:thumbsup:
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It's good to have a friendly forum for any given topic.
Would be great to have all this stuff centralised through facebook; even if maintaining a private website can be a bit of a chore.
Firstones seemed to be more along the lines of Bab5 gaming and mods. It came across a bit like a private gaming clan, nowadays.
I cam across this promotional watch for the game on the B5 reddit page:


Apparently there were also promotional mousepads and posters for the game as well, so perhaps the CD was among those promotional items, given away at a convention or something? I had never seen the watch before so I guess it's entirely possible there could be a CD I've not seen too.

OMG that is soooo hilarious!!!!! Thanks to this thread I actually just decided to take my watch out of the case I had it stored in and take it to have the battery removed. :guffaw: Yes I have one of the watches and it is still great. I've never worn it. I was actually told I was extremely lucky and that battery could have done serious damage and likely would have if I had left it in. I also have the poster. I can't recall if I have any of the other promotional items, but if there were only 5 CDs made I doubt they were promotional. More likely just in house for people who worked on it.
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Does anyone know of a reliable site where I can safely upload five MP3 files, each approximately 11:20 minutes long.

I wish I had an answer for you. I am surprised I am the first to respond since this thread was generating some buzz.
Hey, this sounds good - I've used wetransfer in the past.
It's quite easy to use and is reliable but I also upload things to Onedrive and share a folder, where it gives a link to pass on to people.

You woulda had a reply from me sooner. :D I checked this on my phone in bed but my poor old Windows phone wouldn't bring up the onscreen keyboard when I tapped into the reply box so I had to wait until this morning.
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Dropbox is another possibility, though you have to share the link with people and give them access.

Or, if as I am assuming the files are the longer versions of the tracks that we've been discussing, maybe contact the Music of Babylon 5 website and they could host the files for everyone to access? musicofbabylon5.com
Dropbox is another possibility, though you have to share the link with people and give them access.

Or, if as I am assuming the files are the longer versions of the tracks that we've been discussing, maybe contact the Music of Babylon 5 website and they could host the files for everyone to access? musicofbabylon5.com
Is that site still being updated?
Thank you ever so much,
I really wasn't sure I'd hear the full versions again.

It took a surprising bit of doing trying to find out exactly what these longer versions were and where they'd come from. :D
It does make sense to contact the owner of the Babylon 5 music site and pass these along but neither of the owner's websites have any contact method available other than twitter (?). I guess I might break the habit of a lifetime and use that to drop him a line :)

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