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Into the Fire Extended music...

Those of you who have visited Firstones.com over the past year or so might of heard about the extended musical tracks for the unreleased Into The Fire game. These are full extended versions of the music released on b5music.com and later on Thirdspace.net. And it really is some of Chris Franke's best work.
Anyway, according to this thread it seems someone has kindly decided to publically release the tracks. The downloads require the bit-torrent plugin, and they are short of bandwith, so could probably do with some
some seed sites. The files are large, but worth it.
I know this is not technically legal, so i won't give a direct link to the download site to save Ant's ass. Instead,
check the thread at firstones.com (hint; page 9, courtesy of Mr Fury). All i can say is, wow.
I think that I hear some links between the musical themes in the "ITF suite" and some of the game soundtracks - that is, stuff that isn't B5-theme-related. So his work on the game soundtracks might have been "recycled" a bit.

Anyone else hear this? I admit to having a bit of a tin ear when it comes to comparing scores.
At last. So for how long did we waited for official answer? 4 months? Or more? Finally... this music is mine. It's all mine... mine, mine, mine! And seeding... god damn leechers.
Grumbler, i think the ITF suite is a reprise of all of the game tracks. Yeah, they do repeat a lot. But the whole thing is superb, and is currently burning a hole in my I-River's hard disk. :D