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Into The Fire (Aborted Video Game)

Yesterday I was listening to the Doctor Who audio drama Invasion of E-Space, which at the end features an interview with cast / writers etc... One of the actresses was Suanne Brown, who is well known in sci-fi circles for playing Hathor in Stargate SG-1. Anyway, the conversation veered towards how she must be one of the few people to star in Doctor Who, Stargate and Babylon 5. This was news to me, I had no idea she had been in B5? She discussed how weird it was to be in Narn make-up, the thick contact lenses and looking in the mirror and not recognising herself; she also mentioned how people in the UK have no idea what "Narn" means and that most confuse them with naan bread.

This is where my confusion deepened as her IMDB page has no mention of B5, but then she mentioned she was in the computer game for the show. Now that I've looked into it it seems this was cancelled. If I was aware at the time this game was in development I've long forgotten it. As she had been in make-up and filmed her scenes, it makes me wonder what else was produced. The B5 wiki says most of the main cast was also involved. It's intriguing to me that there is this lost unseen footage somewhere and makes me wonder what else is known and what has been seen of this project. It must have had a fair sized budget for its cast, and for it all to have been shelved is also puzzling.

I'm rambling on, but if anyone has any information I would be happy to read it!
From what I understand, the game was virtually complete when it was pulled at the last minute. I remember a feature in the Official B5 magazine about the scenes they were shooting, and how great it was to have the cast back on set. I think I am right in saying that there is a beta version of the game floating around on the Internet somewhere? Presumably without the cut scenes, just the gameplay. Would love to see those filmed scenes released onto You Tube – who would own them, the game company Sierra or Warners?
Quite a few of the developers used to hang around over at firstones.com who were following the development of the game quite closely. So much so that when it went tits up they created a mirror of the Sierra website. Some of the members also had a copy of the fully playable demo that was produced (I remember someone put up a torrent link to where it could be found).

The forums were hacked a while back and are only just back up. Don't believe the mirror has been put back up yet, and don't know how far back they archived old posts, but if your interested in trying to track down the demo, it's a good place to start. As far as I know all the live action scenes had been filmed, but no video has been officially released. A while back I did try looking but only found a couple of photos with some of the main cast on set.

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