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International release dates?

Does anyone know (or know where to find) the international release dates for season two? The $%&#(*$& official site seems to forget there's an entire world outside of the US, full of people who are interested in Babylon 5.

I believe the UK release date to be May 26th. I myself am interested in the Dutch release date.
i'm interested it R4 release

Warner NZ has only said this:
We do have the Babylon 5 Season 2 DVD box set in our release schedule for later in 2003, but to avoid dissapointing any customers, we are not disclosing the release date until it is confirmed.
If you're interested in Dutch release dates you should visit www.dvd-home.nl

check the R2 database for upcoming titels (Komende titels)

The release date given by Warner is 11-06-2003 (11th of June)
The $%&#(*$& official site seems to forget there's an entire world outside of the US

"The $%&#(*$& official site" isn't responsible for selling DVDs to the entire world, only to North America. There are other Warner Bros. divisions in other countries with their own websites that cover "the rest of the world". You know what? When the show was in production "the $%&#(*$& official site" didn't give airdates for the dozens of countries the show was carried in, either. It just talked about the episode that was airing next in the U.S. Because the show was produced for American television and only incidentally sold elsewhere. (And it was the responsibility of someone "elsewhere" to promote the show in that country.)

I don't know whay this concept is so difficult to grasp, or why people get so bent out of shape about it or take offense for no reason.

As it happens I have no idea when it is being released elsewhere, beyond a vague recollection that the U.K. date was going to be about a month behind the U.S./Canadia one. Have you considered checking the website of a DVD dealer in your country, who would presumably have this information?


Would it hurt babylon5.com to be more all encompassing? After all, it is a worldwide franchise. Or to offer links to other countries? But most of these US sites just present themselves, and that's that. There is no perception that this is one site in a league or sites or anything. Maybe they should put "Americans only, girls and everyone else keep out of our treehouse."

They got international when they took the UK's site design... so obviously they do have a perception that there are other people out there. I really don't think it'd hurt to offer a bit more.

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