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International perspective


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I was lucky enough to catch B5-lotr while I was travelling in the us for a weekend trip, imagine the luck! I come from Iceland between.

I had little knowledge about the series before hand and knew almost nothing about the cast except for Dylan which I remember from bold and the beautiful! Not that I watched the series it´s just I remember seeing him there. I was a little worried about that but he turned out to do the part extremely well and is far better than scott bakula who is a very bland captain on the newest star trek series.

I dont consider myself a hardcore B5 fan, I loved the story arc in B5 but did not like many other things. In LOTR I liked it so much that I was truely on the edge of my seat. There is only one thing that I had some problem with and I am sure that many of you feel the same way. It was that "combat chamber" it was just totally ridicilous that she was kicking and screaming. However I liked the concept and it can be fixed very easily, just create a joystick or something or anything that makes the eye targetting system more beliveable.

However I wont rant soo much but I just wanted to say that as a European that I loved the show without being biased as I imagine many of you are and that I hope that B5 lotr will be picked up as a series.

Best of luck and thanks for the show.

Theodor Ragnar Gislason

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