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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>The 80 or so surviving whitestars were either on station at Minbar or doing larger more important work. This was considered a milk run.

JMS also said there were over a thousand whitestars left, in a short story. This was right after the EA civil war. That means between then and 'now' they lost most of the fleet. It must have been the Drakh war. Or perhaps the Centauri war, although I doubt it.

I'm pretty sure I saw bluestars in a movie picture, can anyone confirm this? If so, they must have replaced whitestars with bluestars. Which are obviously going to cost less, but it'll be no match for a whitestar still. Explains why they sent the Liandra instead.

Oh and has anyone taken any pictures from the movie? Would love to see some more shots.

Marc Cosgrove

"From chaos, order came. As was inevitable." -Summoning light
There actually were some white stars in the movie, if you looked very carefully. In the background in the scene where either the Valen or the Liandra lifts off on Minbar, in the sky on the left side you can see a few of them.


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