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Indy Jones DVD set

Has anyone else got this set yet? I have to give Lucas and Co. a round of applause, the picture transfer is beautifully done. The movies have never looked so great.

Now, we just need the first three "Star Wars" movies on DVD. Please, George, pretty please? :D
I have. Although there are no deleted scenes/goofs like the Back to the Future trilogy, the extras that they do have are a lot more interesting than most other Behind-the-Scenes DVDs; mostly because they didn't use computer generated special effects.
Fantastic set! The three documentaries for each of the movies on Disc 4 are brilliant! (and I am assuming that my Region 4 has the same stuff as Region 1).
I picked it up the day it came out. I've already watched them three times, except for The Last Crusade which I've only watched twice. The features are better than what I was expecting. I too was disappointed that there weren't any deleted scenes.

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