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Indy IV on its way


Beyond the rim
While I believe it's more-or-less common knowledge that Indiana Jones IV is going to be produced sometime next year, SciFi.com ran an article today stating that the script for Indiana Jones IV had actually been completed.

Supposedly, Spieberg's already given it the thumbs up, Lucas, however, has yet to see the script. Prior speculation has stated that Indiana Jones IV will be set in the 1960s, so that Indiana Jones will be the same age as Harrison Ford is today, unfortunately, the article doesn't comment on the contents of the script, it only states that the preliminary script has been completed.
So Spielberg has signed off, but Lucas and Ford himself have to as well. And Ford won't do it unless he thinks it's really solid. (I trust his judgement more than I do Spielberg's or Lucas's, that's for sure.)

Also I heard that it would be set in the 50s, but I haven't really been following it.

My main question is if they've brought Karen Allen back (the first love interest, Marion). She was the best by a long shot.
A few days ago Harrison Ford finally got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (It is the second star to bear the name Harrison Ford. The first was put there sometime in the 50s to honor a then-already-dead and now-completely-forgotten silent film actor of the same name. For years people - including the Star Wars and Indy star - just assumed that it was for the current Ford, who didn't realize that there was a whole ceremony that went along with getting a star. Members of the committee that hands out the honor apparently also thought that the star belonged to the living Ford until someone going through the archives realized who it really honored. That got the ball rolling so that the committee finally organized an effort to give the living Ford a star.)

At the ceremony, which Speilberg attended with his friend and collaborator, the subject of Indy IV drew very different reactions from the pair. Speilberg seemed all-but certain that they'd start shooting next year. But Ford, standing only a few feet away, insisted that nothing has gone past the "gee wouldn't it be nice" stage and that he still hasn't seen a script, and won't make a decision until he does. Then there's the small matter of his, Speilberg's and Lucas's schedules to coordinate. Ford didn't even seem to know that there was a completed script. Which seems kinda strange given that Speilberg was right there. You'd think Steve would have had the sense to bring a copy along and hand it to Harrison in front of all that press.


Ford seemed to be implying it was all moving forward on Conan O'Brien the other night. He even mentioned what (as far as I know was just rumor) that they were advancing the setting ahead some years because Ford himself had aged. I think he said a few other things but I wasn't paying close attention at the time ... but it looks like he's telling the talk shows he's doing it.
Great news about his. I would really love to see another Indy film.

(It is the second star to bear the name Harrison Ford. The first was put there sometime in the 50s to honor a then-already-dead and now-completely-forgotten silent film actor of the same name.

I kinda feel sorry for this other Harrison Ford who seems to have been forgotten by just about everyone :(
I watched "Inside the Actor's Studio" on Bravo last week which featured Harrision Ford. At the end of the segment he was asked if there would be another Indiana Jones and he said yes. But of course he said it would have to be a great script, one all three agreed to but he said the hardest thing at the moment would be to coordinate all of their schedules. This episode was a rerun so I'm not sure when it originally aired.

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