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Indiana Comic Con Aug 30 - Sept 1, 2019


Anyone going to this?


I am looking for excuses past Walter Koenig. I would love to meet Perlman again and Rooker. Barrowman, Baldwin, and Bratton are all bonuses. I am still on the fence though. I would be spending A LOT of moola I don't really have, but if anyone else is going that would give me one more reason. :LOL: Really having a tough time committing because I feel like any morning now I am going to wake up and Koenig has canceled. So far Kate Beckinsale and Elodie Yung have exited, but Rooker replaced them so that is a big bonus. Let me know if any of you have plans to attend and it might inspire me to commit.
I live in Indianapolis but probably won't be going. I've never been to one. I'll either be working or brewery hopping.
brewery hopping.

So now we're going to have to have the talk about your problem....

.... how is it happening in your town and you are still not going?!?!?!?!?! :wtf: My biggest issue is that I've waited too long; expecting Koenig to cancel and he hasn't. Now I am looking at a three or four hundred dollar hotel bill to stay at a hotel near event because they closed all the special rate offers weeks ago.

Anyway, I'm sorry you've never been to one. I highly recommend you stay away or you'll start wasting tons of money going to them. I haven't been since 2016 and it is tough to quit once you start going again. :guffaw:
I guess I've just never really been interested in going. I've seen the crowds!

As for the brewery hopping, beer is my passion and I work for two breweries!
As for the brewery hopping, beer is my passion and I work for two breweries!

I am glad you have a passion. Definitely not my "cup-of-tea." :guffaw: Never been a fan. Only beer I've ever actually enjoyed was called Tyskie I believe.

Anyway, decided against the trip. Just not worth the total expense from any angle I try to work it. Very annoying that they don't have their own parking at the convention center, or it is already totally full with pre-paid passes. Oh well I guess I should start saving for the next big B5 convention anyway. The only reason I started on this Con was Koenig. I was hoping some other B5 people would join him, but that didn't materialize though Michael Rooker was on Jeremiah. ;)
Well you need to tell those hotels downtown that forty dollars a night for guest parking is ridiculous. Apparently the reality is that it isn't ridiculous for metropolitan downtown hotel guest parking, but Looney only knows 'Looney Reality' and in 'Looney Reality' if I am paying a hundred and forty dollars a night to stay in your hotel I shouldn't have to pay an additional forty dollars to park my car there. :thumbsup: