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Has the show had any major inconsistensies? I have seen the series 3 times so far, and have yet to find any notable continuity problems.
Besides minor ones like Anna being played by 2 different actresses, different alien makeup in the pilot, and minor astronomy problems.
So, does anyone know of any?

The one that comes immediately to mind is the episode in which Lennier says there are two Minbari castes, when there are actually three.

Do the fact that G'Kar's spots tend to wander slightly count?


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Personally I don't think that "Babylon Squared" and "War Without End" marry up as well as they could have, but I understand the reason for that. The destruction of the Black Star as portrayed on-screen (In the Beginning) doesn't entirely agree with Sheridan's earlier description of the event. The Kosh poisoning bit in the pilot can be rationalized - but it has to be rationalized in light of the later depiction of the Vorlons. There are probably other little nits here and there. (Not inconsistent, but certainly not dealt with, are things like Sheridan, G'Kar and Franklin having met before, but there wouldn't have been time for that early in S2 even if it had been planned from the beginning - and later would be too late to get into it.)

Oh, and Lennier says that the Minbari have two castes at one point. But around the time that episode was filmed, JMS posted a usenet message naming three Minbari castes, Warrior, Religious and Worker, so this may just have been Lennier being a typical Religious caste member and forgetting about the Workers.

But on the whole I can't think of any major or serious inconsistancies, and I've seen the whole series seven or eight times. It really is a remarkable acheivement.



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I agree with DeMartino's view of the Lenier/cast situation. Even if you don't believe that showing that even Lenier overlooked the workers was the intent it is not an inconsistancy since it can easily be explained away within the story.

The one thing that bothers me the most is how Sheridan's dream is explained. I know that Kosh's exit left no one to explain the dream but Susan and Delenn seemed to pull the answers out of their...well you know. The other minor inconsistacies are neat to notice but don't bother me.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Joseph DeMartino:
so this may just have been Lennier being a typical Religious caste member and forgetting about the Workers.

I was thinking, that this statement (neglecting the Workers) and Lenniers anger at Marcus (cant rememberthe Ep, but Marcus touched Lennier and Lennier lifted Marcus by the Throat because he didnt like to be touched by Humans) could have forshadowed Lenniers fall. Just little things that showed our sweet, kind Lennier is a bit of a Bigot.

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In yhe first ep of Season 2, when Lennier is telling Sheridan about the merging of Human and Minbari souls, he mentioned that 2000 years ago, Minbari and Human souls began to mix. As we all know this was later shown to happen only 1000 years in the past at the time of Valen.

Boy, Lennier is really messing up lots of stuff isn't he. Poor boy cant get his facts straight, not enough time in temple I guess

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