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In search of a quote


Specifically, what Sheridan and Delenn say to each other at their last parting in "SiL." I'm in a romantic/mildly depressed mood, and that quote would really fit; I've checked some quote pages but I can't find it.
Sheriden: "Good night, my love, the brightest star in my sky."

Delenn: "Good night. You were my sky, and my sun, and my moon."

Courtesy of The Lurkers Guide
Dunno, I for one think that was some of the weaker dialogue in the series. OK, Sheridan's part of that parting quote wasn't too bad, but Delenn's seemed so forced and just plain odd. *shrug*
"All love is unrequited."

You definately don't want to go with the "My nebula, my quasar, my gas giant." line.
I think Delenn is descriptively outdoing Sheridan in terms of his metaphor, to emphasize just how important he is to her, and that she wants him to know that the terrible loss he is feeling is more than echoed in her heart, it is magnified.

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