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I'm stupid!


Beyond the rim
I\'m stupid!

I forgot to record Jeremiah yesterday and it was the episode Firewall. Stupid, stupid me. :(
Re: I\'m stupid!

I didn't see when it was on. It isn't in my cable guide. Does anyone know if there is a rerun tonight and at what time? I didn't watch them, but haven't they been replaying the episodes on Sunday night? Please tell me it will be on again because I just saw it was supposed to be on yesterday today. :(
Re: I\'m stupid!

I'm Canadian, so I watch it on Global, and the times are different. I have no clue when it plays in the US.
Re: I\'m stupid!

Well, according to the website it wasn't on yesterday and it isn't on today either. Thanks for letting me know anyway. I hate this! :D
Re: I\'m stupid!

Which website? I watch it on a Canadian channel on Saturdays. Since your member profile says your from the US, you have Jeremiah on a American channel, of which I know nothing about. PM Lyta (the Jeremiah expert) about Jeremiah's hours in the US or look at her website, its probably written somewhere in there.
Re: I\'m stupid!

SHOWTIME's website didn't have any future air dates. My local cable didn't have an episode Friday. WAS there an episode Friday and it just didn't show here for some reason?

Then I saw Saturday mentioned and I thought they had changed the day on me and I was hoping I could catch it on a Sunday rerun as I believe that is what Showtime has been doing. Anyway, I'll take your advice and ask Lyta. :D
Re: I\'m stupid!


The schedule for Jeremiah has been severly altered for the month of November. There have been a few threads about it here, on my site and on Showtime's official boards. ;) There are no more new episodes until 2004 so the only thing you will be able to see are the encore episodes of season two on Showtime.

Nancy is watching season one on Canada's Global channel and FIREWALL is a terrible episode to have missed. Send me an email if you aren't having any luck getting a copy of the episode. I may have some friends who can help out. :)

I have been behind on the site updates ... especially the schedules but I have now updated it for both the USA and Canada.


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