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If you go to Microsoft HQ...


Beyond the rim

A link to the first part which was corrupted by microsoft so you can't see it.

-We must use our multiprocessor support!
-But sir! It hasn't been tested yet!
-There is no other way, we must have faith....
-Sir, it's working, the Windows98SE is starting to fall apart from the inside out, it's making attempts at firing illegal operations at us, but our system maintenance utility is keeping us safe.
-Excellent! Do we still have LAN capability?
-Yes sir, online and ready to go.
-Open a hyperlink to Syntek DX!
****later on Syntek DX****
-Sir, the Linux Ambassador has arrived and wishes to speak with you.
-I'll be right there.
***ambassador's quarters****
-Who are you?
-Redhat..... Linux....
-But the other guy I talked to said he was Linux?
-We are all Linux....
If you go to Microsoft HQ, your stock will crash.
-What? That makes no sense! What do you mean?
What yes?
-Should've installed Mandrake instead...
**** Sol the CEO loads Lumina 1.0 on his laptop, the Vaiostar and opens a hyperlink to Microsoft HQ****
-You have Linux technology... You must keep it away from us, it will hurt us if you come near with it.
-Would you care for some java and cookies?
-No! No cookies! Your browser makes it impossible to get rid of them! Especially the ones from porn sites!
***Sol the CEO runs to the balcony***
*he hears Redhat's voice*
Jump! Jump now!
*he presses some buttons and Lumina 1.0 goes open source and starts destroying microsoft, but others get it's SDK and stock prices begin to plumet*
*a mysterious figure approaches Sol the CEO*
-I am UNIX, I have restored your stock prices by adding enhanced server handling capabilities to your new OS, it is now Lumina 2.0, but you must update this release in 2 years, or your stock prices will fall back down.

**********end chapter************
Who is this UNIX?
Has he really saved Syntek DX's stock prices?
Will Lumina triumph?
Find out, on the next exciting episode, of The Syntek DX Project!

May Valen be with you.
Huzzah! I want more explosions!

Because I am...

a man...



"There's Snow White and the Seven Narns, Who's Your Little Pak'ma'ra, others..."
- Captain Matthew Gideon, The Needs of Earth
Rising Star
I tried to cut down on the technobabble, and relate it to B5 as much as I could, so LAN capability is kinda like jump capability, since you connect to broadband through a LAN. Dialup will be used as normal space travel.
Most of the other stuff I figured to be fairly understandable.

May Valen be with you.
There will be explosions in the next one, have no worries.
Next episode: A series of Lumina Systems are built. There is the Lumina Handheld(fighters), Lumina Portable Edition(small ships), Lumina 2.0 (bulk of the fleet) and Lumina Enhanced Server Edition(dreadnought).
There is a huge fight between the Microsoft and the UNIX. It's when the software world stands up and decides to control their own destiny.

May Valen be with you.
Too much technobabble!!

My head will explode any minute now!!

Great stuff, Sol.

"It's animal magnetism. What can I say?"
- G'Kar, A Tragedy of Telepaths
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