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If Babylon 5 Fell to Clarke Loyalist Forces...


I was thinking about this today, the shape of the galaxy would have been completely flipped up.

First of all, what would have happened to the alien citizen's on Babylon 5? Would they be evicted, enslaved massacred, whatever would have happened would have provoked a response from the other alien governments.

It would also establish the precedent that B5 was no longer neutral territory, but Earth space.

It would have been an event that would be the Rosetta stone for the Shadows' agenda if you ask me. It really would set mankind against everyone.

Mankind would have lost, fighting a war on that many fronts. Unless of course the Sahdows' "rewarded" humans with some advanced tech, for advancing their cause.

Everyone would be arguing who had the greatest right to obliterate the Earthers.
Sinclair would have not reached the past. Shadows would have had their way already 1000 years before, with humanity still undiscovered. Possibly never discovered, or discovered much later.

Alternatively, the Rangers or the Minbari fleet would have been willing to fight their way to Epsilon and Sector 14 (probably starting a new Earth-Minbari war, possibly occupying or destroying B5). The past would be different, hence the present and future too.

Yet another alternative: Delenn would have deemed one White Star and three Minbari cruisers sufficient to take back the station, and tried exactly that. Depending on how much time that would take, rebel B5 personnel would have either gone underground or been detained/executed before Minbari ground pounders board the station.
If Clarke's forces took B5, everyone would hide in Grey 17. Garibaldi would program the computers to gas and or electrocute everyone on the other floors. The B5 staff would then emerge, throw Clarke's forces out the air locks, and resume command.
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The B5 staff would then emerge, throw Clarke's forces out the air locks, and resume command


After they take their clothes.

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