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Beyond the rim
Given the B5 Universe is slipping but far from dead so what can be done to jump start the B5 universe? Suggestions, anyone?
A REAL sci-fi network run by REAL sci-fi fans who will let JMS do his magic.

Apart from that, more books maybe? Or a B5 reunion show, or another TV movie? (but this leads us back to my first comment)
A 3-hour, very promoted Psi War movie with Walter Koening with the lead role as Bester. And of course with one or two well-known actors to get people who haven´t heard of b5 to go. Could get a lot of people interested in the show, i think.

The problem would be the characters of the movie wouldn´t be in the... potential spin-off that takes advantage of its publicity.
Sounds like a good idea, Fas. But I would suggest a 6-hr mini-series like CoD with, as you suggested Walter Koening as Bester and with Patricia Tallman back as Lyta.
I would like to see a Crusade movie or one about the telepath war with a big name star and of course Pat Tallman has to be back as Lyta ALexander .
I suspect most of us would like to see something done with the Telepath War and with Pat Tallman back as Lyta.
I don't think the depth of the arc that was planned for Crusade could be handled be handled in a movie. It just wouldn't do it justice. Therefore, personally, I'd like to see Jeanne Cavelos (or possibly Peter David, but please, god, not J. Gregory Keys) finish out Crusade in a series of novels.
All of us on this board, at one time or another, have complained about the poor quality of television.

The answer is simple: There are over two thousand of us on this board alone. What we all need to do is chip in and purchase a cable tv franchise, which we then market as a "real" sci fi network. We make B5 our "anchor," rescue Farscape and use the occasional Britcom as filler.

If we build it, will they come?
Quite possibly, although I don't watch a whole lot of TV so I can't really judge.

Problem is, can we build it?
The other thing is would the advertisers come?

To keep going a tv station needs either advertisers or subscribers or both.

I am also worried that the BBC is not running a Sci-Fi station. It has a large number (15 to 20) of stations under the BBC#n and UK xxx names but not one of then is for science fiction.
I suppose what I would do is look to JMS to think of something, Im sure he could think of stuff we cant imagine, and simply state that certain things would be necessary;

1. Accessibility: The first series of B5 was easy to get into, I know people who didnt like B5 when starting much later but loved it when they watched it from the begining. Something that relied on previous viewing or anysuch wouldnt be as effective. Think of the way I could go out and watch DS9 without ever first seeing STNG or TOS.

2 Production values and non interference.
No fiddling overly by networks, space to work for JMS I guess.

3 A decent run before being abandoned.
Fairly self explanatory.

4 Ivanova.
What if a new B5 series began, but as a miniseries? After all, B5 itself was, "technically" a miniseries in that it had a set plot ark that would run its course in 5 years, and that would be the end, regardless of ratings/requests.

If a new B5 series ever came about, it should have a solid plot-ark, behaps one that even extends over only one- or two- seasons. Once people realize what it means to have a "big picture" in a SciFi series again, interest in SciFi will once again increase, and we'll see the road paved for more B5.

Additionally: The show MUST be run on network television, cable and premium channels have too limited a viewership to begin with, and will never pull the numbers required. Remember, Babylon 5 essentially got 3 more seasons out of Season 1, which contains worse acting than many highschool productions. People will overlook shoddy acting and unbelievable-technology (read: the "alien device" in S1, used again in S2 and S4) if you tell a good story that draws viewers in. Since any "good story" has a defined beginning/middle/end, I think that a mini-series would be a good way to pull this off.

(Don't laugh at the idea of a season-long miniseries, remember, 24 was originally billed as a miniseries)
A reunion movie wouldn't be feasible. There are far too many variables in dealing with that.

Putting it on network television wouldn't work either, cause the last few sci-fi series that did that, have not lasted very long at all. They only make their life known in syndication or cable television.

Books are good. Perhaps a b5 game would be nice. Personally, I would love for the entire universe to be released on DVD.

But for now, I like the Walter Koenix idea, ala CoD. :)

Rommie :D
Putting it on network television wouldn't work either, cause the last few sci-fi series that did that, have not lasted very long at all. They only make their life known in syndication or cable television.

This has been a really big problem for SciFi recently. I don't know what has caused it exactly, but there is a definite lack of SciFi on network TV.

That was the only reason I suggested a miniseries, often networks will put on shows with pre-defined short-runs that they would not normally air. After all, even NBC tried its hand at fantasy/SciFi a while back, anyone else remember the horror that was "The Seventh Kingdom"?
Maybe an effectvie thing would be to get an international cofunded production, convince the beeb or someone to dig into their wallets.
Maybe an effectvie thing would be to get an international cofunded production, convince the beeb or someone to dig into their wallets.

I've often wondered why the BBC have not really ventured into SF for a while. Other than Red Dwarf which is a comedy (still good though :)), there hasn't been any "serious" SF since the days of Dr Who and Blakes 7 (classics). Both of which were very popular for there time (OK, Dr Who lost the plot with Sylvester McCoy, but it's an imperfect Universe ;))

Maybe everyone in the UK should put a proposal to the Beeb??? :D
Oddly enough, I probably would not tune into see the telepath war.

I have no objection to seeing Pat come back as Lyta or Walter as Bester, but the Telepath arc has been, to me, the least fulfilling one of B5. I disliked much of the first part of Season 5 for just that reason.

I'd rather see a new direction, which is why I was so excited about the posibilities of Crusade and, to a lesser extent, Legend of the Rangers.
I think its probably impossible to get all the actors together again to finish Crusade in a series or a tv-movie, but it would be cool to have the rest of the series finished in script. I'd definitely read it. Its obviously no perfect, but a lot better than nothing.
If I am counting correctly, it's about five years since the final episode of B5 was made (not counting SIL). While I never wanted it to end, I'm not sure that I want a new series based on B5. It is JMS's story-telling ability that I miss and I would be happy to see any series of his. (I can't get Jeremiah here but from what I have read it is very popular with the fans. I'm hoping some day it will turn up where I can watch it.

For myself, a new B5 series without all the original actors would just be like any other new series with all the stories having told in the various books I just don't believe JMS would be interested in picking up the old story 5 years later. IF I am proven wrong, I will be the first in line to watch.

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